The dog who made my life worth living again – a reader’s story

Sam the life-changing dog
Sam the life-changing dog

Today on The DailyDog we have a wonderful reader’s tale to enjoy as you start the working week. At pups4sale we love these stories as they underline just how important our four-legged friends are in our lives. Whether Sam has hidden Chiropractic talents or not, the great outcome of this story is one the team at pups4sale has greatly enjoyed reading, and which we are delighted to share with you here.

Carol R writes:

“Our dog Sam is a 5year-old Kelpie/Blue heeler cross.  He’s not very smart or particularly beautiful, in fact he’s probably what most people would call “just a big boofy mutt”, but as far as I’m concerned he’s a real wonder dog – because he was responsible for making my life really worth living again after more than 20 years of life dominated by constant pain.

Early one morning back in May 1989 I woke up with my head hanging over the side of the bed (it must have slipped off the pillow sometime during the night without waking me), and an incredibly painful and stiff neck. There was an especially painful spot on the left side of my spine just under the base of my skull. Over the next five years or so I went to numerous doctors and physiotherapists, a chiropracter and an acupuncturist trying to find someone or something that would alleviate the constant burning pain in the side of my neck. Acupuncture did provide some partial temporary relief, but all the rest were pretty useless, so in order to try and lead a more or less normal life I become dependent on painkillers like Panadeine and Mersyndol.  My life became dominated by the constant pain I was experiencing, and over the years my entire neck and both shoulders began to feel as hard as wood due to reflex spasms in the muscles. Eventually I came to believe that there was no cure for my condition, and that this constant pain was something I would just have to learn to live with forever.
Then early one day in December 2011 what I now think of as ‘the miracle’ occurred. I was sitting outside on the grass under the jacaranda tree enjoying the peace and sunshine of a beautiful early summer’s morning.  As usual, affectionate Sam was lying on the grass next to me with his head in my lap, both of us totally relaxed. Suddenly one of our other dogs (Sam’s sister Rosie) started barking at something on the other side of the house.  Sam instantly leapt up to run off and find out what was going on.  As he did so the top of his head slammed up against the bottom corner of my left jaw, and my head jerked sharply sideways.  At the same time an unbelievably intense pain shot up my neck into my head, and I then learned what people meant when they talked about “seeing stars”.  I also immediately developed one of the worst headaches I have ever had in my life, and so I staggered inside thinking I might need to go to hospital. However, my always-calm husband advised me to first take a couple of Mersydols and go to bed for an hour or two before we took that rather drastic measure.  I took his advice and eventually even dozed off ……. and when I woke up 2 hours later I was absolutely astonished to find that not only had my headache gone, but that the burning pain in the side of my neck that had tormented me for so many years had completely vanished!
It took months for the stiffness and soreness in my neck and shoulder muscles to completely disappear, but my neck has remained pain-free and I can now even twist my head around like a normal person. I can only assume that Sam’s actions must have knocked something back into place that had been “out” for all those years – not sure what because in the past doctors had said they couldn’t see anything abnormal in my neck X-rays.  I had always loved him because of his lovely enthusiastic personality, but now Sam, my very own miracle worker, will forever have an extra-special place in my heart.”


Bookings for Sam’s services can be made via The Daily Dog at the special introductory rate of three frozen bones per hour…. :)….just kidding folks! Seriously though, what a great story to start the working week with. If our readers have more special stories about their canine friends to share, we’d love to hear them – just contact us at admin.

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