Dog friendly cafes – a growing trend

Dog friendly cafes are springing up across Australia
Dog friendly cafes are springing up across Australia

– Dog friendly cafes seem to be springing up in cities all over Australia these days, given the reports we have been receiving at the Daily Dog.

Of course the reason such cafes are opening (or existing cafes are changing their ethos in order to allow dogs on the premises), is because dog owners are simply demanding it. It is a great thing to note that more and more dog owners are taking the exercise requirements of their dogs (and themselves!) seriously and going for a walk on a regular basis. Naturally cafes that offer a place for dog and owner to take a break will be a lot more popular than a cafe where the dog owner has to find a convenient post up the street to tether his/her dog to before grabbing a cuppa to go.

In fact, so popular has the trend become there are now online directories of dog-friendly cafes, restaurants and even bars available for a wide range of cities.

Atticus Finch cafe in the trendy Brisbane suburb of Paddington is one such cafe that has caught on to the benefits of being canine friendly. With each coffee a customer with dog-in-tow buys, their pooch also gets a free dog biscuit to munch on. Not expensive, but worth a fortune in terms of the good public relations the savvy cafe owners generate by doing so. Of course there’s the inevitable Council regulations that need to be sorted out before non-assistance dogs can be allowed on the premises, but most Councils seem to take the approach that a dedicated, well-maintained outdoor facility for dogs and their owners (such as the one pictured in this Post from Washington DC) represents no health hazard to the remainder of a cafe’s customers.

The French were the first in the Western world to allow dog-friendly cafes, the first having opened over 200 years ago! It has taken some time for the wider world to catch on to the benefits of having a well run establishment that caters for dogs and their owners, but now such cafes are becoming more commonplace all over the world. Just like dog friendly parks and beaches, cafes need a set of rules their customers and their dogs need to abide by in order to enjoy the facilities. However our research indicates the vast majority of four legged customers of such cafes are well behaved, and their owners respectful of the rules. After all, if the establishment serves good coffee, what dog owner would want to have themselves and/or their dog banned?!

As a final thought, not only are such cafes a good idea for dog owners and their best friends either. They can be a place where people who may never have owned a dog before can be introduced to a range of dog breeds and shown what they are missing in terms of the wide range of benefits having a four-legged friend conveys. Indeed, when former US President Harry S. Truman uttered the immortal phrase, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog”, we wouldn’t be surprised if perhaps he was thinking of how relaxing it would be to enjoy a stroll and a coffee in the US Capital whilst taking his own much-loved dog with him. At least if he was President today, he would easily be able to do so! 😉

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