Dog Cooling Vests – What A Great Idea


At the Daily Dog we’ve recently discovered a site selling…well a very cool product 🙂 The site in question is called “Cool Dogs”, and coming into the warmer months as we are, we think the cooling products they have to offer are a great idea.

Cooling vests for dogs - what a great idea
Cooling vest for dogs – what a great idea!

Having been based in Western Queensland, and now in Southern Queensland, we at pups4sale know all about the effects heat can have on dogs. When working our own dogs on properties in the past, we have always needed to be vigilant when doing so on hot days. Previously we have simply limited the amount of time our dogs worked and then cooled them off in a dam or creek before letting them rest out the remaining hot hours of the day. Cool Dogs are offering vests that do the same thing however, but have the added bonus of not making your dogs smell like the last cow-dam they cooled off in! The cooling vests are featured here and as you can see, wouldn’t hinder the dog’s movement at all.

Some feature notes:

. The coat acts works to exchange a dog’s body heat with the coolness of water stored inside the coat.
. It is made of a lightweight, heat-releasing SPF fabric that blocks over 99% of harmful UV rays.
. Each coat comes with removable, reusable ice packs (2-9 packs depending on size)

. It stays cool for up to 6 hours and features a layer of underlay foam. 

Even if you’re not in the bush, but just walk your dog in suburbia, you know how brutal Australian Summer days can be. For $35 + postage, the team at think it’s cheap insurance to have a vest like this available if you are exercising your dog in the heat. If you know of similar products or have an opinion on the concept, feel free to comment below.

Editor’s note: For accountability’s sake, please be informed that pups4sale has not received nor sought any financial benefit from the business featured in this article….we have written about it because it is a “cool” idea 😉

4 Responses to “Dog Cooling Vests – What A Great Idea”

  1. jan and jack wallace

    what an absolutely brilliant idea. I have a friend who has a Westie who is Absolutely heat intolerant….I’ve sent this story…Brilliant too for elderly dogs who feel the summer heat….

    • pups4sale

      Jan, I think if we were forced to go for a walk in the middle of a stinking hot January day, I would want one of those for myself! They should make matching sets for dogs and humans! 🙂

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