Designer Pet Beds – Designed To Waste Your Money

Designer dog bed - does your dog really need one.
Designer dog bed – does your dog really need one?

– If you’re thinking of buying a designer pet bed to give your house that extra dose of chic´, perhaps you had better think twice before shelling out large amounts of hard-earned currency.

The Daily Dog has uncovered an Australian website specialising in all things “doggie-designer”, and boy the goodies on that site don’t come cheap! Called “Sasha & Me” and owned by a fashion designer who previously created fashions for humans, this business sells beds, blankets, mats and so on – all with the fashion conscious pooch – or should we say pooch owner – in mind.

For example, the mattress the pictured Labradoodle is sitting on is priced at $199, and is just one of a variety of designer beds available on the website

If you’re scratching your head right now, trying to see the value in such an accessory, you’re not alone. As the Golden Retriever pictured below (together with his former dog bed) demonstrates, many dog beds end up in a sad and sorry state for a variety of reasons. One of the most common is “separation anxiety”, where a dog becomes distressed when separated from its owner, and takes the stress out on furniture, fittings, walls, doors – you name it. Usually this involves a great deal of destruction, and although it may make the dog in question feel better, we’re sure it doesn’t have the same effect on the owner when s/he returns home!

What happens to many dog beds.
What happens to many dog beds.

Imagine if you had forked out $199 on a designer dog-bed, sashayed out for a skinny-latté, only to return home to find your pampered pooch (sorry – companion animal) had turned on his dog bed with a Hannibal Lecter-like intensity. One would think one would not be impressed, wouldn’t one?

As an alternative, pups4sale has several suggestions to help you save money on pet bedding:

. Purchase and set up outside  a quality, weather-proof kennel, training your dog to get used to it from day one. The vast majority of dog breeds are quite content to sleep outside if they are trained to do so from a young age.

. Buy shred-proof bedding that will resist chewing from even the most determined dog. There are many beds and mats available in the online marketplace that are specifically designed for this purpose. Remember, a dog does not need a fluffy pillow in order to be comfortable – as much as his/her owner may think so.

. Buy bedding you can clean easily by putting directly into the washing machine. Many of the shred-proof bedding varieties available are also washing machine friendly, so this is a feature to look out for when purchasing dog bedding.

Sir Les Patterson advises on doggie-fashion and designer dog beds.
Sir Les Patterson advises on doggie-fashion and designer dog beds.

. If your dog must sleep inside, prepare a secure outdoor enclosure you can put him into when you go out. If you train your dog to become familiar and comfortable with this area when he is a puppy, he won’t have problems being confined to it. We accustom our puppies to such an enclosure by playing games with them in and around it, leaving chew toys and treats in there for them to discover and so-on. They then see it as a comfortable place to be confined to, and not a punishment when placed in there. In fact you may find (as we do) that if you leave the door to the enclosure open by default, your dog places himself in there at different times when you are home. This is a sure sign he finds it a comfortable place to be.

The message from this Post? The pups4sale team subscribes to the Sir Les Patterson philosophy when it comes to selecting doggie-fashion. As you will see from the picture of Australia’s most famous diplomat in this Post, Sir Les (and his alter ego, Barry Humphries) is a fashion inspiration to all Australians. We think his practical approach to fashion should be reflected in your purchase of canine bedding for your best friends. Garish perhaps, practical definitely, economical most certainly, and (unless it is the Government’s money you’re spending) absolutely not expensive.

By applying this philosophy you’ll be saving yourself and your household lots of money, and your dogs will certainly be just as comfortable as they would be on a very expensive, designer doggie bed. 😉 Your thoughts are welcome below…

2 Responses to “Designer Pet Beds – Designed To Waste Your Money”

  1. Lyn Renn

    I used to buy hession sacks after hession sacks to fit over the hammock bed frames due to the fact that the dogs (Golden Retrievers) had chewed to an unrecognisable state!! They even pulled one of the frames apart!!?? Now they sleep om nice, thick, warm straw!!! I change it weekly and they are perfectly happy. They have other things to chew like hard rope toys, etc. 

    • pups4sale

      Lyn, that is funny 🙂 Yes, even hessian doesn’t stand up to the dedicated chewer, and we have heard Goldens can fit into that category! We have heard of other people using straw as they do for farm animals, racehorses, etc – why not?! If the dogs want to chew that, I am sure nobody minds them going as hard as they like!

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