Dachshund – Poetry In Motion

The Dachshund in poetry - what a great subject!
The Dachshund in poetry – what a great subject!

When thinking of the Dachshund, most people (the team at pups4sale included) don’t immediately think of the breed as “poetry in motion”! Yet these sturdy little dogs of ancient hunting ancestry are indeed the subject of a poem, written and submitted by one of our advertisers. We’ve never received a poem about a dog or a dog breed before, so we thought we would share it with our readers…which is a nice way to treat “Monday-itis” for any sufferers out there!

Barbara N writes:

Hello.    Most of my mini smooth Dachshunds have sold through pups4sale and all went to loving homes.   I thought you might like a poem I wrote about parting with these adorable creatures.  Thankfully I do get to see some of them now and again, although they are in four different states.”


 At last those little critters

You’ve had ten weeks or more

Are vaccinated, microchipped

And headed out the door

You’ve fed them right and regular

Been careful with their meals

Weaned them slowly off their mum

You know just how she feels

No more to clean their faces

Which they’d buried in their milk

Inspect their eyes, clean out their ears

And brush their coats of silk

No more give each pup ‘special time’

Feel your emotions surge

Look in their eyes and tell them

They’re too beautiful for words

A special cuddle for each one

For each one too, a prayer

That they will have a loving home

Someone who’ll really care

Now one last cuddle, one last pat

It’s time to say goodbye

Then go and lie down on your bed

And cry and cry and cry

What a wonderful poem. Anyone who has bred puppies before will know exactly the emotions Barbara is expressing in her poetry.If any readers of The Daily Dog are similarly poetic, we’d love to share your writings too; all you need to do is email us with your work of greatness! As most of our own poems start with “Roses are red, violets are blue…” we shall refrain from inflicting our poetry upon our readers – but we’d love to receive yours 😉

2 Responses to “Dachshund – Poetry In Motion”

  1. Trish

    I love the poem, so true, so lovely.
    Regards Trish

    • Barbara N

      Thank you, Trish. I’ve broken my heart parting with 14 pups but they are all loved and cared for and that is the main thing.

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