Council Balls-Up – Neutered Dog Sent Cheque For Testicles

Neutered dog sent cheque for testicles in Council balls-up
Neutered dog sent cheque for testicles in Council balls-up

– In what can best be described as a ‘balls up’ by Darwin City Council, Bruce the Great Dane has personally received a cheque as a discount on his registration fees, now his crown jewels have been removed.

As you can see from the picture in this Post, Bruce seems mightily unimpressed by the whole experience. In what the Council terms an “administrative error”, and what Bruce would no doubt see as more significant, the story of Bruce and his absent testicles has now spread far outside Darwin. Apparently the desk-jockey at the Council who processed the cheque didn’t pay attention to which name was the dog’s and which name was his owner’s. So, Bruce ends up with apparent compensation to mark the end of his stud-muffin days, whilst his owner (Tom Wallder) was left with a useless cheque.

Tom did try to present the cheque to his bank, but since it wasn’t made out to him and Bruce couldn’t produce one hundred points of ID in order to open his own bank account, all Tom could do was send the cheque back to the Council for a replacement – this time in his name, instead of Bruce’s. Fortunately the Council advises they are happy to replace the cheque in question – and this time make it out to Mr Wallder.

The whole laughable matter has occured because Darwin City Council is sensibly refunding the difference in registration fees between entire and de-sexed dogs when owners of those dogs have them neutered. For those dog-lovers who have spent much time in and around Darwin, you will likely have noticed there are lots of roaming dogs around town. It goes without saying that many of those dogs are not de-sexed, creating ongoing problems for Council and the community.

At pups4sale,we congratulate Darwin City Council for taking this pro-active approach to encouraging neutering of dogs. Of course Darwin is not alone in this practice, but a reimbursement cheque in the mail instead of a discount on the next year’s registration fee is a great idea and something not practiced by many Councils around Australia.

On the flipside, we’re sure a not-amused Bruce is now the butt of many jokes around town, with some people suggesting Tom should buy him a set of decorative “attachments” with the proceeds of the refund cheque, in order to replace his lost original set. The Daily Dog thinks Bruce would prefer a nice, meaty frozen bone instead, but we guess he’ll have to wait until the replacement cheque finally arrives in the mail 😉

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  1. Angela

    what a great initiative by Darwin council 🙂

    • pups4sale

      That’s right Angela. At pups4sale we’d like to see all Local Councils across Australia be this pro-active. Even with the occasional “balls-up”, it’s still well worth it! 😉

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