Comment on the Facebook Post of your litter to speed your sales

Screenshot of pups4sale's very popular Facebook Page
Screenshot of pups4sale’s very popular Facebook Page

– Most of our members will be well aware of our Facebook Page, which is growing by leaps and bounds (over 24,000 Likes and counting!).

One of the reasons for this growth is each ad placed on pups4sale is also shared with our Facebook Page (as well as our Twitter Feed, Google + Page and Pinterest Boards), and then shared, liked and commented on by Australian dog lovers who also use social media – which in reality is just about everyone!

Whilst the latter three social media sites mentioned above are important, as most will know it is Facebook that dominates the social media scene. In fact literally tens of thousands of fellow Australian dog owners – and those wanting to be dog owners – view our Posts on FB each week. Indeed, if you drop by our FB Page, you can see for yourself how many comments and likes each ad that is Posted attracts – and it is quite a lot.

So, the next time you advertise on pups4sale, after you have finished placing your ad on our site it will appear approximately 10 minutes later on our FB Page. You are then welcome to use your own FB Profile to make comments or respond to comments that others make – which is a great way to further assist not only the speed of your puppy sales, but the number of potential owners your ad will reach across Australia. A number of our advertisers are already doing this, and for those who are it is proving to be an excellent additional tool in helping them find the right homes for their pups.

Even if you just want to keep an eye on the FB Post of your ad without necessarily commenting on it yourself, all you need to do is Like the Post from your mobile device, and you will receive a notification via that device each time someone else Likes, Shares or Comments on the ad.

We also suggest you Share your Ad Post on your own Timeline, so that each of your FB Friends sees it too. Your litter may not be of interest to your FB Friends, but if you encourage them to Share the Post on their own timelines, you could well find some of their Friends – or Friends of Friends – are interested. Given that number of people commonly runs into the thousands, it definitely cannot hurt to spread the word far and wide about your litter!

With all this discussion of social media, we would also like to remind our members to use good quality photographs (and videos if you wish) of your litter. To have photos in place to start with is extremely important for the success of your advertisement. However in our experience it is the good quality photos in Posts that get those Posts Shared further and wider than those Posts with blurry/distant/indistinct images of pups and adult dogs.

Happy Posting folks…and see you on FB…and Twitter…and Pinterest…and Google+ ! 😉

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