Cheap And Easy Tip To Keep Your Dog Cool

Keep your dogs cool using a water filled kiddy clam shell
Keep your dogs cool using a water filled kiddy clam shell

– With heatwave conditions continuing in many parts of Australia, keeping our dogs cool has never been more important. At the Daily Dog we have written about cooling vests as one way to combat the heat, but these are only effective for a few hours at most without being re-cooled themselves.

So what can dog owners do who work away from home all day whilst their dog swelters? For inside-dogs (or those who have access to inside areas) it’s not such a problem, especially when a house is air-conditioned. However for people with exclusively outside-dogs, it can represent a real dilemma.

The availability of shade is important and useful, but its usefulness is particularly limited in coastal areas; where there is often high humidity.

Enter a cheap and readily available method of keeping dogs cool the team at pups4sale regularly uses for our own dogs – the water-filled kiddy clam shell.

Pictured here is our clam shell, parked under the shade of a Frangipani tree. Taking advantage of the natural shade provided by the Frangipani, we have half-filled our clam shell with cool water…and then let the dogs do the rest!

It’s important to note most Local Councils in Australia set a maximum height of 300mm/30cm for any unfenced pond/kiddy pool or similar container that can hold water. Higher than that, and whether the container has water in it or not, or is only filled to a height of 300mm, a certified pool fence is required to be in place. Obviously this is a ridiculous impost in the scenario we are talking about here, but fortunately the sides of the clam shells in question are less than 300mm in height anyway.

Several additional points to note regarding the use of the water-filled kiddy clam shell as a dog cooling device:

1: Ensure small children are monitored at all times when around the clam shell when it contains water. For very young children particularly, it only requires a water height of a few centimetres for the container to represent a drowning risk.

2: Drain and place the included cover over the pool when it is not in use. We then use the included rope tie to join both halves of the clam shell together in order to stop dirt and debris from accumulating in it, or place the whole unit away in the garage.

3: Be aware such pools also attract snakes and Cane Toads. Therefore not only is it wise to drain the clam shells when not in use, but also keep your eyes peeled when approaching the pool for any slithering or hopping critters that may be enjoying your hospitality without an invitation.

Finally, the water-filled clam shell also provides an additional source of drinking water for your dog. When we are going to be away from home for any length of time – whether on a hot day or not – we always provide multiple sources of water for our dogs to utilise. This approach can well prove life saving on a hot day in particular, in case one water container is knocked over, starts to leak or in some other way becomes unavailable for use.

Oh – and the price of the clam shells? Twenty five dollars at K-Mart. Money well spent on our best friends, we say. 😉

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  1. hellen

    been using the clamshells for a while now for water & sand some of mine love the sandpit 🙂

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