Puppies For Sale Phishing Scam Alert

– The team at pups4sale would like to alert all our members to a phishing scam that is again going around, three months after it first arose. The scammers are using a free template site (yolasite.com) to set up their … Continued

Traderoo.com.au Puppies For Sale Scams


– You would think a site like Traderoo, which is owned by News Limited, would have the ability to stop puppies for sale scam ads from being run on their site, wouldn’t you? Well of course this multi-national Company has … Continued

Findapup.com.au Puppies For Sale Scams


– The latest puppies for sale scam website to add to the Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame is findapup. com.au. Among the litany of Australian sites that do nothing to protect their visitors, this site is the worst we … Continued

Dog Bite Prevention Tips

At pups4sale we have just come across a great website for teaching dog-bite prevention, thanks to a tip from Australians for Responsible Dog Ownership. The site is known as Doggonesafe and has lots of excellent advice and resources for teaching … Continued

Wanted Ads Security Alert

One of the handy tools pups4sale offers our members is Ad Alerts. Instead of exposing your privacy by placing a public Wanted ad when looking for a particular dog, as a member of pups4sale.com.au, you can keep your details private … Continued

Puppy buyers contract to protect sellers

Recently on the DailyDog we posted an article on the topic of puppy sellers providing a warranty or guarantee with the pups they sell. This is certainly best practice when selling pups. However the flip side to this is what … Continued

Facebook puppies for sale scams

The scammers are always looking for new ways to run their schemes, with the latest being a tricky little tactic utilising Facebook. On the Daily Dog we regularly feature articles on the topic of puppies for sale scams, with this … Continued