Anti-barking app now available

To those thinking a new anti-barking app must involve some sort of high-frequency signal our phones could send out that would say “Be quiet!” to a dog, pups4sale regrets to inform you that you are sadly mistaken. Moreton Bay Regional … Continued

Dog Cooling Vests – What A Great Idea


At the Daily Dog we’ve recently discovered a site selling…well a very cool product 🙂 The site in question is called “Cool Dogs”, and coming into the warmer months as we are, we think the cooling products they have to offer … Continued

Scanner Angel – Affordable Microchip Scanner


At the Daily Dog we’ve just come across a handheld microchip scanner that is by far the best price we’ve seen. Called the “Halo”, this scanner retails at $140 delivered, which is hundreds of dollars cheaper than most scanners currently … Continued

Parvo Virus vaccine now available by post


At pups4sale we’ve sniffed out an Australian supplier selling Parvo Virus vaccine direct to the public, with delivery by mail. (Previously we had no idea the vaccine was available outside a Veterinary Clinic.) Whilst the thought of administering vaccines is … Continued