Hi Tech Car Water Bowl For Dogs On The Move

– If you’re like many Australians who enjoy holidaying or just travelling with your dog, on today’s Daily Dog we profile a very handy water bowl, designed specifically for this purpose. As you’ll see from the photo montage with this … Continued

Designer Pet Beds – Designed To Waste Your Money


– If you’re thinking of buying a designer pet bed to give your house that extra dose of chic´, perhaps you had better think twice before shelling out large amounts of hard-earned currency. The Daily Dog has uncovered an Australian … Continued

Friendly Dog Collars – What A Great Idea

– The Daily Dog has come across a range of dog collars we think are a brilliant addition to the tool kit of anyone who regularly walks their dog in public. Known as “Friendly collars”, the brightly coloured collars, harnesses, … Continued

Pet Insurance Comparison In Australia


– Pet insurance certainly seems to be a major growth industry these days, given the amount of ads the team at pups4sale has seen recently. On television, the internet and even roadside billboards, there are ads popping up like mushrooms … Continued

Snake Repellers – Do They Protect Dogs


– We’ve all seen them – the snake repellers that seem to be popping up like mushrooms after rain in yards all over Australia. But do they work? Do they protect your dogs? This is a question we have been … Continued

Dog – Human Translator In Development

– A Dog to Human Translator is under development in Europe – the latest in a long line of attempts to enable humans to “talk with the animals” – or should that be “listen to the animals”? Apparently humans have … Continued

Thundershirt Dog Calming Vest For Thunderstorms

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– The Daily Dog has uncovered a product known as Thundershirt, which is designed to calm dogs during thunderstorms. We had been unaware of this product previously, so thought we would investigate further to see if it works as promoted. … Continued