Water Cooled Dog Kennels review

– Today the Daily Dog reviews Cool Pets water cooled dog kennels, a product we recently become aware of due to the Company’s very generous donation to a dog rescue organisation. When first introduced to the concept of a water … Continued

Slo-Bowl Dog Feeder Review

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GoPro camera and harness for your dog

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Lost Pet Finders – a handy site for dog owners

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Electronic dog doors for the modern canine


– Just about everyone has seen the standard dog door or dog flap in use at one time or another. However as with many other canine products, dog doors are starting to turn hi-tech with the release of several electronic … Continued

Dog suites the latest trend in luxury homes

– In the latest canine trend to come out of America, customised dog suites are becoming an increasingly common addition to luxury homes in Australia too. It is not only new homes that are being built with dog suites incorporated … Continued

Inexpensive dog bed suggestions

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