Cheap And Easy Tip To Keep Your Dog Cool


– With heatwave conditions continuing in many parts of Australia, keeping our dogs cool has never been more important. At the Daily Dog we have written about cooling vests as one way to combat the heat, but these are only … Continued

Hairy Maclary in Australia

– To all the young and young at heart readers of the Daily Dog, we are pleased to advise there are two Hairy Maclary extravaganzas happening in Australia over the next few months. (For everyone who doesn’t know who Hairy … Continued

Flying with dogs – a member’s story

For those readers of the DailyDog thinking of taking their dog/s on a holiday involving flights, the thought itself can be a bit daunting. Most of us have never flown with our dogs, yet many members of pups4sale who are … Continued

Scam puppies for sale websites

On the DailyDog today we feature another type of puppies for sale scam that has been running for some time on the internet. As many of the member of pups4sale know, we keep a running tally of classified sites that … Continued

Dog Bite Prevention Tips

At pups4sale we have just come across a great website for teaching dog-bite prevention, thanks to a tip from Australians for Responsible Dog Ownership. The site is known as Doggonesafe and has lots of excellent advice and resources for teaching … Continued

Dachshund – Poetry In Motion


When thinking of the Dachshund, most people (the team at pups4sale included) don’t immediately think of the breed as “poetry in motion”! Yet these sturdy little dogs of ancient hunting ancestry are indeed the subject of a poem, written and … Continued