Trading Post puppy scams continue in 2016


 – Readers of the Daily Dog may recall we have twice previously warned about fake puppy ads on the Trading Post, and how that organisation had the cheek to publicly say they were doing something about it. Well folks, the … Continued

Student Bees bites back against puppy scam outing

– Occasionally the Daily Dog will receive correspondence from representatives of sites we have outed for hosting puppy scams on their pages. The substance of such messages ranges from threats (see the comments section of this video), to assurances about … Continued

One well placed finger stops dog attack


– The surest and quickest way to stop a dog attack uses the social cues inbuilt into man’s best friend in a rather blunt way, shall we say – a finger up the backside. Luckily for Ann Bendouli of Melbourne … Continued

Petbox review – a daily deals site for pets

– We’ve all seen the now all too common daily deals sites. Some are very good at coming up with great specials, whilst others are great at annoying their subscribers! It’s not surprising therefore to see a daily deals website … Continued

Dog portraits in pastel – simply stunning

– At the Daily Dog we have noticed an increasing trend for people to have their dogs immortalised on canvas – particularly in the form of pastel portraits. As you’ll see by clicking on the image accompanying this Post, there … Continued

Dog friendly cafes – a growing trend

– Dog friendly cafes seem to be springing up in cities all over Australia these days, given the reports we have been receiving at the Daily Dog. Of course the reason such cafes are opening (or existing cafes are changing … Continued