puppies for sale scams


It’s been a while since we updated our list of Australian sites that allow puppies for sale scams to be run on their pages. The time has come to do so however, as pups4sale has recently been alerted to (yet) another … Continued

Vegan Dogs?


At pups4sale we have heard of lots of weird and wonderful ideas when it comes to our animal companions. Most of them fall into the “funny, laughable, eye-rolling, or “whatever floats your boat”” categories. However the idea of turning an omnivore … Continued

Yawning People Cause Dogs To Yawn?


Have you ever wondered if it is just a co-incidence when you yawn around your dog and your dog then yawns? The team at pups4sale have often wondered that ourselves. Now it seems there is some verification of our suspicions, with … Continued

Dog TV is here


Fresh from the “it could only happen in America” files, comes a television channel just for dogs. Called (appropriately enough!) “Dog TV”, it is a dedicated 24 hour channel available not for humans to watch – but for dogs to … Continued

Locanto puppies for sale scams


At pups4sale we are always keeping our eyes open for puppy scammers, as our members already know. So far this year on The Daily Dog we have highlighted puppies for sale scams listed on these sites.   Unfortunately now we have another … Continued

Dog thief caught on video

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In recent articles on dog-fighting rings on  pups4sale we’ve mentioned how prevalent dog stealing is in this Country. Unfortunately micro-chipping and registering of dogs does little to stop this practice. Many of the dogs stolen are used as “bait dogs” to … Continued

Would you like a fox with your hound?


We have just been alerted to the existence of a “Fox Rescue” Association In Sydney – yes you read correctly – a Fox Rescue Association?! At the Daily Dog, having been brought up in rural Australia, we have seen first-hand … Continued

RSPCA kills half the animals in one NSW shelter


Disturbing news has emerged, confirming long held suspicions the RSPCA is not all it’s cracked up to be. Unlike private shelters such as The Underdog Staffy & Bull Breed Rescue, which have an extremely high rate of successfully re-homing their … Continued