Puppies For Sale Scams


– The latest puppies for sale scam website to add to the Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame is findapup. Among the litany of Australian sites that do nothing to protect their visitors, this site is the worst we … Continued

Dog shelters bursting at the seams


One of the downsides of the approaching holidays is the number of dogs who end up in shelters at some stage during the Christmas season. At pups4sale, when reviewing an ad for a litter, we sometimes see the word “Christmas” … Continued

Beware the dog who wags to the left

In an interesting study out of Italy, pups4sale has learned there is a meaning behind a dog wagging his tail more to the left than the right. Who would have thought? Researchers from the University of Trento found dogs who are stressed/threatened/frightened. … Continued

Wanted Ads Security Alert

One of the handy tools pups4sale offers our members is Ad Alerts. Instead of exposing your privacy by placing a public Wanted ad when looking for a particular dog, as a member of, you can keep your details private … Continued

Anti-barking app now available

To those thinking a new anti-barking app must involve some sort of high-frequency signal our phones could send out that would say “Be quiet!” to a dog, pups4sale regrets to inform you that you are sadly mistaken. Moreton Bay Regional … Continued

One dog’s remarkable recovery from obesity

As many of our reader’s know, at the DailyDog we enjoy sharing good news stories from across the doggie-verse. The story of Obie the (formerly!) obese Dachshund fits the bill nicely, we think! Initially belonging to elderly owners, Obie the … Continued

Dogs die in hot cars – a reminder


  With the recent spate of hot weather occurring in many places across Australia, the team at pups4sale thought now would be a good time to remind all dog owners about the importance of not leaving dogs unattended in cars. … Continued

Cheap puppies for sale – warning

At pups4sale it seems we’re always coming across new scams – or being alerted to them by our members. In this case a Facebook group dedicated to Italian Greyhounds has provided us with the details of a puppies for sale … Continued

Facebook puppies for sale scams

The scammers are always looking for new ways to run their schemes, with the latest being a tricky little tactic utilising Facebook. On the Daily Dog we regularly feature articles on the topic of puppies for sale scams, with this … Continued