Snakes Vs Dogs – A New Twist In The Tail


– At pups4sale we have spoken with a number of members across Australia this summer who have reported unusually high levels of snake sightings around their homes. Of course together with the increased number of sightings go the increased numbers … Continued

Dogs With Tattoos – A New Trend Perhaps

– Tattooing the inside of a female dog’s ear during a de-sexing operation is a procedure that has been common for many years in Australia and overseas. Of course it’s only required in female dogs as the procedure is, shall … Continued

Dog Off Leash Park Has Residents Barking Mad


– In another case of ‘not in my backyard’, residents of the Brisbane suburb of Rocklea are up in arms over a proposed dog off-leash park in their suburb. For those not familiar with the subject, a “dog off-leash park” … Continued

Puppies For Sale Phishing Scam Alert

– The team at pups4sale would like to alert all our members to a phishing scam that is again going around, three months after it first arose. The scammers are using a free template site ( to set up their … Continued