Budweiser Superbowl Puppy Ad – Teaching How Not To Adopt Puppies

Budweiser Superbowl puppy ad - teaching how not to adopt out puppies
Budweiser Superbowl puppy ad – teaching how not to adopt out puppies

– Have you seen the Budweiser Beer Superbowl ad featuring a puppy and a horse? At the Daily Dog we have seen a preview of the ad, which is a classic example of how not to adopt out or re-home puppies.

Budweiser has reportedly paid approximately $10 million dollars for a one minute television advertising slot during the upcoming Superbowl football game in New York. You would think with all that money to throw around, Budweiser would have consulted with a canine expert or two over the subject of ethically adopting out puppies? Yet this doesn’t seem to have even been on their radar.

Let us underline for you the disaster this ad is from a canine welfare perspective.

It opens as shown in the attached screengrab; with a sign labelled “Puppy Adoption” in front of a typical American farm house (cue the oohs and aahs). Immediately this raises the question – are the puppies for adoption or for sale? With a professional looking sign that obviously cost a considerable sum to make, surely the puppies are for sale? If this is the case, then it should say so. Instead it appears the Labrador Retriever puppies in question are being given away. Yet whether being given away or sold, surely the breeders would be vetting potential new owners for suitability. Unfortunately, with rose-coloured glasses firmly in place, Budweiser gives no heed to the welfare needs of the litter of puppies in the ad. Even an attachment to the sign shown in the screengrab stating “Responsible owners only” or “Apply within – bring references” – or similar – would be enough to convey the message that people need to act responsibly when adopting or buying a puppy.

In the view of the Daily Dog, the clear impression the ad conveys is the puppies are being given away to anyone who rolls up . Given the emotive music and farcical story line that goes with the ad, the pups are being shamelessly used as a tool to tug at people’s heart strings and get them to drink more Budweiser beer. No regard is given to the false impression that wonderfully healthy pups are just magically handed over to a new owner (an attractive young female of course), and everything just pans out for the best.

As any dog breeder will tell you, there is a tremendous amount of work involved in raising a healthy, well socialised litter of pups. There is also a lot of time and effort required to make sure those pups go to good homes. In the opinion of the team at pups4sale, puppies should never be used for commercialisation purposes, let alone in crass, emotion laden attempts to persuade people to buy more beer.

Click here to view the Budweiser Superbowl puppy ad and make up your own mind. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

4 Responses to “Budweiser Superbowl Puppy Ad – Teaching How Not To Adopt Puppies”

  1. June

    Pure fantasy. Now Golden Flatcoat Retrievers will be in big demand. Beer will always be in demand and the empties thrown away. If the pup is lucky he won’t. As for the Horse, not so impulse buying will happen as it needs space to grow. All up, the Ad is not so much about the Beer but the Puppy.

    • pups4sale

      June, surely there should be tightened ethical standards when using animals in advertising. There is regarding children. It would have been so easy to make this advertisement ethical with regards to canine welfare, and yet the geniuses at Budweiser’s advertising agency seem not to have given it a second thought. 🙁

  2. June

    I agree with you but I can see that by using animals in the Ad it captures an audience and keeps them watching in time to get the real message across. They just want to sell their product regardless of the flow on damage done. Irresponsable? definitely.

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