Bonnie the rescue Westie – her story

Bonnie the rescue West Highland White Terrier
Bonnie the (now retired) rescue Westie is on the right.

Hi everybody. My name is Bonnie, though my mother of the last thirteen years says “if EVER a dog was misnamed?!”. Well, I guess she has a point. I came from a “volume breeder”. And…you could say I was a pretty hard nut to crack.

I remember the morning well…it as about 3am. My person mother Jan couldn’t sleep. I had most of the bed…Jan reached down for her glasses to read….They were new. And they cost $300 and guess what…I’d chewed them to bits. So here we were, 3am in the Blue Mountains, its snowing outside. Jan was yelling,..boy was she MAD, as in furious…..I ran. I just jumped off the bed and ran out the dog door she’d just installed. I was in the snow hiding, I figured I had a better chance being a Westie. Jan was close behind me though! I thought she was going to give me a smack…But instead…She leant down and said “you poor little mite….come here” and she picked me up in a warm blanket.

She was standing in the snow herself in bare feet. She took me back inside and said to her husband ( my Dad really), “Jack, she’s got to go back… I don’t want a refund. I just can’t cope with her wicked behaviour.,…:” at this…I admit….I hung my head…and Jack said “Ok love…we’ll return her. The next people she’s sold to will just put her down…” Jan started to cry…But I felt hopeful somehow…I thought…maybe I can be better…maybe they will give me another chance….”..I did try to be good, but I made lots and lots of mistakes along the way. Jan said I was anti the world. And in a way she was right.

My breeder had thirty dogs…I felt I had to try to stand out and the only way I could do it…was to be loudest and naughtiest…I know if I hadn’t gone to my Jan and my Jack…I probably would not be alive today.

With sons and daughters and grandies of my own. I’m retired now. And I love my life, holidays, best food, first lady and all that….but I want to remind you that even kids like me, essentially a badly educated kid, can find a life and make a home with a good family and be valued.

So, if you do have a puppy farmed pet, don’t give up too soon. All things are possible with unconditional love….XXXXX Bonnie.

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