Student Bees bites back against puppy scam outing

– Occasionally the Daily Dog will receive correspondence from representatives of sites we have outed for hosting puppy scams on their pages. The substance of such messages ranges from threats (see the comments section of this video), to assurances about … Continued

Scamwatch fails Australian dog owners once again

– In previous Posts the Daily Dog has highlighted how ineffectual Scamwatch is in assisting Australian dog owners who have been scammed online or who suspect they are being actively targeted by scammers. Unfortunately, it seems Scamwatch is still all … Continued

Tips for puppy sellers number 3 – Facebook

– As part of our multi-channel approach to helping our members sell their puppies to the right homes, pups4sale makes heavy use of Social Media – primarily Facebook and Twitter. Whilst we also use Pinterest and YouTube channels, Facebook is … Continued