Snake Repellers – Do They Protect Dogs


– We’ve all seen them – the snake repellers that seem to be popping up like mushrooms after rain in yards all over Australia. But do they work? Do they protect your dogs? This is a question we have been … Continued

Cheap And Easy Tip To Keep Your Dog Cool


– With heatwave conditions continuing in many parts of Australia, keeping our dogs cool has never been more important. At the Daily Dog we have written about cooling vests as one way to combat the heat, but these are only … Continued

PETA Kills Dogs – Lots Of Dogs


– PETA – the so-called “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” has once again been caught out – killing over 90% of the total number of cats and dogs in its shelter. PETA was forced to reveal its hand … Continued

Dog – Human Translator In Development

– A Dog to Human Translator is under development in Europe – the latest in a long line of attempts to enable humans to “talk with the animals” – or should that be “listen to the animals”? Apparently humans have … Continued

Trading Post Puppies For Sale Scams


– Trading Post allowing puppies for sale scams to be run on their site? Unfortunately the answer is yes indeed. Today the team at the Daily Dog is sending out an urgent warning to all those considering buying a pup … Continued

Dogs Licking Cane Toads To Get High

– Dogs deliberately licking Cane Toads? Yes indeed it is happening, and far more frequently than many people think. At pups4sale one of our team members has personally interacted with a red Australian Cattle Dog (commonly known as a Red Heeler) … Continued

Hairy Maclary in Australia

– To all the young and young at heart readers of the Daily Dog, we are pleased to advise there are two Hairy Maclary extravaganzas happening in Australia over the next few months. (For everyone who doesn’t know who Hairy … Continued