Anti-BSL rallies in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne this weekend

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) does not work
Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) does not work

– As many readers of the Daily Dog will know, the pups4sale team are strong supporters of the anti Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) movement. BSL legislation has been shown time and again across the world to be a failure, as we have highlighted in numerous Posts on the Daily Dog.

If you live in or near Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, then the upcoming weekend presents your opportunity to show your support at community rallies against BSL being held in each city.

The links to the relevant Facebook Page for each rally are:


On the Facebook pages mentioned above you will find all the relevant contact information, times and locations for the respective rallies. It is important to note that such rallies are peaceful, with no violence occurring at any of the previous rallies, nor expected at the upcoming rallies. Indeed families and their dogs are encouraged to attend as ordinary, every day members of the community share their opposition to BSL in all its forms.

As an example of what is planned, we have just received an update from the organisers of the Sydney rally, with the following information:

Rachele Lowe – Mosman Veterinary Hospital.
Jade End Bsl Applebee – Free Kerser.
Michael McTeigue – SavourLife.
Peter Jarvis – Bundy’s dad – Dangerous Dog declaration.
Michelle Keir – Ruby’s mum – here is a link to the story & pix about Ruby from Team Dog.

There will also be statements & letters read out from around Australia.
We will meet from 11:30 at the corner of Elizabeth & Liverpool Streets, Hyde Park.
At midday we will start the march up to Martin Place Amphitheatre for the speeches. 
Speeches will begin around 12:30pm.
Please bring your friends & kids are more than welcome as this is a peaceful rally. We have a few dogs coming along on the day so please be mindful that they may need their space. Police will be around on the day but they were great last year. Please keep bad language on signs away from today. It doesnt help our cause in anyway. Today is a day to come together to connect with each other & educate people who may know nothing about BSL or how to be a more responsible pet owner. Here is a pic of where we will march too. See you all there! Together we will END BSL!

If you are new to the issue of Breed Specific Legislation, there is a handy website full of detailed information you will no doubt find useful. It is called Australians Fighting BSL and can be found here. The website details how widely BSL laws have been enacted around the world, both now and in the past, and how they have totally failed to prevent dog attacks on humans. The website also highlights where such (failed) legislation has been repealed and been replaced with training programs for owners and their dogs – programs that actually work to reduce dog attacks.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that dog attacks are all too common in Australia. In fact in just the last week several, very serious attacks by dogs on people have received wide media coverage. Such attacks underscore exactly how pointless BSL is, as none of the breeds involved are listed on any banned or restricted breed list anywhere in Australia.

In Queensland, a disabled man was dragged off his mobility scooter and mauled by a pack of four dogs; three Rottweilers and one Rottweiler cross.

In New South Wales, a ten year old boy was set upon by a German Shepherd Dog X Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, resulting in serious injuries that could easily have proven fatal.

In both cases, the dogs were quickly seized by authorities and euthanased within 48 hours. Yet little was mentioned about the owners of such dogs and the irresponsibility they clearly displayed by allowing such attacks to happen. At pups4sale we believe the penalties for such attacks should be far, far greater than they are now, including:

. Fines in the many tens of thousands of dollars levied against the owners of the dogs involved.

. Bans on the owners of the dogs; from owning other dogs for a period of years.

. A streamlined process for victims to claim compensation from the dog owners for the physical, emotional and psychological trauma suffered over such attacks.

As the slogan for the anti-BSL movement states, “It’s the deed, not the breed” that counts. At pups4sale we couldn’t agree more, providing the “deed” includes both the “deed” of the owner and the “deed” of the dog/s involved. So make your voice count and support the anti-BSL rallies being held this weekend – after all, it could be your dog, that of a friend or family member, or a future dog you own that could easily be affected by BSL legislation now in force around Australia

2 Responses to “Anti-BSL rallies in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne this weekend”

  1. Peter Jarvis

    Thankyou for supporting the BSL Rallies.
    Breed Specific Lunacy, is a ridiculous concept and a proven failure all around the world.
    we support the Calgary Model, which actually reduces the incidence of dog attacks through responsible dog ownership and education.
    This animal management model is actually self funding, and proven effective.
    Wondering why it has not been accepted by our Governments?

    and works

    • pups4sale

      Peter, you are absolutely right. Lunacy it is indeed. Hopefully Councils around Australia will start to get the message and pressure their respective State Governments to scrap these unworkable laws. Rallies such as those being held this weekend most certainly can’t hurt in the process either.

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