Anti-barking app now available

Dog barking reporting app
Dog barking reporting app

To those thinking a new anti-barking app must involve some sort of high-frequency signal our phones could send out that would say “Be quiet!” to a dog, pups4sale regrets to inform you that you are sadly mistaken.

Moreton Bay Regional Council in Queensland has actually introduced a smartphone app for residents, allowing them to directly report incidents to Council’s electronic job queue. A large range of “incidents” can be reported via the app; from bins not picked up by garbage collectors to…you guessed it…barking neighbourhood dogs.

As we’ve reported on previously at the DailyDog, barking dogs are nominated as one of the main neighbourhood annoyances residents face in their daily lives. Some Councils (such as the Sunshine Coast Council) have resorted to a heavy-handed approach, levying large fines on dog-owners who don’t immediately comply with instructions from Council Officers to stop their dog/s from barking excessively. It is hoped this app will enable people to quickly and effectively report barking dog problems in order for them to be dealt with promptly and before they escalate into a huge neighbourhood stoush.

With this new app, residents complaining about a barking dog can include a photo with their report as well as a GPS fix on their position. (Editor’s note: It does conjure up in my fertile imagination thoughts of an unmanned drone circling over-head, with the GPS location of the offending canine locked in, ready to launch a citronella-spray attack from out of the sky!)

We suggest the ability to upload a short video (less than one minute duration) would be better than a still photo. It would of course include the all important audio of the offending dog/s, so Council Officers could be confident the complaint is not a spurious one.

Having said the above, such high-tech wizadry is all very well, however the issue will really be whether Council can efficiently allocate all these “incidents” to real live personnel on the ground, who have to go out and deal with the animals and people involved….we shall see!

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