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we recommend including video in all puppies for sale ads
Pups4sale recommends including video in ads

At pups4sale we have been encouraging our members for a number of years to include videos in their ads. Videos are a powerful tool to convey the message about your litter of pups or rescue dogs. In earlier days this was quite a chore, as most video players would not support the complete range of available formats. However that has now changed, with virtually all video formats being able to be uploaded and viewed successfully online.

When you place an ad on pups4sale, we therefore recommend the inclusion of video in your ad, with two upload options available:

The first option is to include your video with your still images. When your ad is live, you will see a video icon in your ad’s photo gallery, which viewers can then click to play. Depending on your internet connection speed (quite often an issue in Australia!), the upload time can take at least one cup of tea and a biscuit before completing :). However to limit this problem, the team at pups4sale recommends:

A: Keeping each video less than 1 minute in duration.

B: Making multiple videos if required as you have 10 slots available to upload still pictures and/or videos.

The second option is to upload your video to YouTube, then include the URL of the YouTube page in question in the appropriate section on our photo/video loading page. You can include up to two links to different YouTube videos in that section if desired.

This option is best if you need to include longer videos, as they are loaded off-site with YouTube and take less time to load than they would otherwise.

It’s also important to remember you do not need to be Steven Spielberg when making videos of your puppies. By clicking on the image in this post, you will see an example of a recent video uploaded by one of our advertisers, which we have placed on pups4sale’s own YouTube Channel and our Facebook Page. The video is a little out of focus and a touch shaky at times, but that doesn’t matter in the overall scheme of things; the main point is it displays the puppies in their home environment, interacting with each other. Just keep some simple tips in mind in addition to those mentioned above, and you’ll be all set to start making videos of your pups:

1: Show your pups at play, so viewers can obtain an idea of how the pups interact with each other and their individual personalities.

2: Include the parents of the pups if possible. This includes showing them interacting with the pups.

3: Include commentary on the pups, discussing their individual characters and behaviours so potential purchasers can identify the pup they are most interested in.

4: For privacy and security purposes, don’t mention details of your actual location other than the State and suburb/town level (if discussing this subject at all).

The main point to take away from this post is to keep in mind it is a very good idea to include at least one video clip in each puppy ad wherever & whenever possible. Of course, if you experience any issues when doing so, just contact the friendly team at pups4sale and we will be only too glad to assist…as always! 😉

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