Dogs Licking Cane Toads To Get High

– Dogs deliberately licking Cane Toads? Yes indeed it is happening, and far more frequently than many people think. At pups4sale one of our team members has personally interacted with a red Australian Cattle Dog (commonly known as a Red Heeler) … Continued

Hairy Maclary in Australia

– To all the young and young at heart readers of the Daily Dog, we are pleased to advise there are two Hairy Maclary extravaganzas happening in Australia over the next few months. (For everyone who doesn’t know who Hairy … Continued

Thundershirt Dog Calming Vest For Thunderstorms

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– The Daily Dog has uncovered a product known as Thundershirt, which is designed to calm dogs during thunderstorms. We had been unaware of this product previously, so thought we would investigate further to see if it works as promoted. … Continued

Dog Harness Car Restraint Test Results


– The Daily Dog today reports on some disturbing results generated during testing on the quality of dog harnesses in mock crashes. The NRMA recently completed a study of twenty five commonly used dog harness restraints in cars in Australia. Of … Continued