Dog Bite Prevention Tips

At pups4sale we have just come across a great website for teaching dog-bite prevention, thanks to a tip from Australians for Responsible Dog Ownership. The site is known as Doggonesafe and has lots of excellent advice and resources for teaching … Continued

Wanted Ads Security Alert

One of the handy tools pups4sale offers our members is Ad Alerts. Instead of exposing your privacy by placing a public Wanted ad when looking for a particular dog, as a member of, you can keep your details private … Continued

Anti-barking app now available

To those thinking a new anti-barking app must involve some sort of high-frequency signal our phones could send out that would say “Be quiet!” to a dog, pups4sale regrets to inform you that you are sadly mistaken. Moreton Bay Regional … Continued

One dog’s remarkable recovery from obesity

As many of our reader’s know, at the DailyDog we enjoy sharing good news stories from across the doggie-verse. The story of Obie the (formerly!) obese Dachshund fits the bill nicely, we think! Initially belonging to elderly owners, Obie the … Continued

Dogs die in hot cars – a reminder


  With the recent spate of hot weather occurring in many places across Australia, the team at pups4sale thought now would be a good time to remind all dog owners about the importance of not leaving dogs unattended in cars. … Continued

Puppy buyers contract to protect sellers

Recently on the DailyDog we posted an article on the topic of puppy sellers providing a warranty or guarantee with the pups they sell. This is certainly best practice when selling pups. However the flip side to this is what … Continued

Cheap puppies for sale – warning

At pups4sale it seems we’re always coming across new scams – or being alerted to them by our members. In this case a Facebook group dedicated to Italian Greyhounds has provided us with the details of a puppies for sale … Continued