Dachshund – Poetry In Motion


When thinking of the Dachshund, most people (the team at pups4sale included) don’t immediately think of the breed as “poetry in motion”! Yet these sturdy little dogs of ancient hunting ancestry are indeed the subject of a poem, written and … Continued

Dog Cooling Vests – What A Great Idea


At the Daily Dog we’ve recently discovered a site selling…well a very cool product 🙂 The site in question is called “Cool Dogs”, and coming into the warmer months as we are, we think the cooling products they have to offer … Continued

Vegan Dogs?


At pups4sale we have heard of lots of weird and wonderful ideas when it comes to our animal companions. Most of them fall into the “funny, laughable, eye-rolling, or “whatever floats your boat”” categories. However the idea of turning an omnivore … Continued

Yawning People Cause Dogs To Yawn?


Have you ever wondered if it is just a co-incidence when you yawn around your dog and your dog then yawns? The team at pups4sale have often wondered that ourselves. Now it seems there is some verification of our suspicions, with … Continued

Scanner Angel – Affordable Microchip Scanner


At the Daily Dog we’ve just come across a handheld microchip scanner that is by far the best price we’ve seen. Called the “Halo”, this scanner retails at $140 delivered, which is hundreds of dollars cheaper than most scanners currently … Continued