WARNING – Doggish.com.au – Another Australian canine site LOADED with fake ads


Recently we warned people about the site OLX Australia in our post here. That site is LOADED with scam ads for puppies that don’t exist. Now another site has been completely infiltrated by the scammers – but this time it is even worse. OLX is a general classified site, hosting scam ads across a range of categories (how nice of them). The site we are warning about today on the other hand is a dedicated canine website, meaning the only people who will get scammed are people like you – Australian dog lovers.

Scam puppies for sale ads on Doggish Australia


What makes it even more scandalous is the fact this site (*D-o-g-g-i-s-h Australia) has the audacity to say each advertiser has been “phone verified”. We are not afraid to say this is a complete and utter lie. How do we know?

A: The scammers (and these are ALL scam ads shown here) are located in Nigeria, Cameroon, Eastern Europe, etc. They are NEVER actually located in Australia.

B: Even the most inept scammer has enough brains to use a fake telephone number.

C: The ads are completely and obviously fake to any domain owner who (one would hope) monitors such activities on their site.

If *D-o-g-g-i-s-h Australia actually did what they said and phone verified every seller, none – not-one – of these fake ads would appear on their site.

Yet it gets even worse. On the snippets from their home page, shown below, they state they are “The safe way to buy & sell puppies and dogs in Australia”. Nothing could be further from the truth – unless they are saying their site is safe for scammers to happily posts ads for puppies that don’t exist and thus rip-off Australian families.

The snippet on the left shows a Saint Bernard puppy as the feature photo in a French Bulldog Ad! The one on the right shows a classic photo of a scam Yorkshire Terrier puppy ad (but hey – at least they have the same breed pictured as stated in the ad title this time!) If the domain owners cared one whit about Australian families getting ripped off by the villains who advertise non-existent puppies on their site, just a quick look at their own home page would show them straight away what is happening.

When a pure bred French Bulldog looks like a Saint Bernard, you know you are looking at a fake puppies for sale ad
“Pure bred French Bulldog”? Looks a lot like a Saint Bernard, wouldn’t you say?
Scam teacup Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale ads on doggish .com.au
Teacup Yorkshire Terrier? No way. Fake Yorkshire Terrier? Yes way.













We’re not holding our breath for the owners of *D-o-g-g-i-s-h Australia to do anything about the obvious scams being run on their site. However there is good news to be had out of this debacle though:

A: pups4sale.com.au actually DOES verify EVERY advertiser who wishes to place an ad on pups4sale – and does so through a unique, layered security process we have developed and refined over the last 8 years of being in business.

B: pups4sale.com.au is the ONLY site in Australia that actually DOES verify each advertiser. Unlike *D-o-g-g-i-s-h Australia – who say they verify each advertiser when in actuality this statment is a bald-faced lie, at pups4sale.com.au we actually do verify every advertiser without making a song and dance about it.

The bottom line? Pups4sale.com.au is the ONLY site you need to go to in Australia to safely (yes, really safely, not “pretend safely”(!)) buy, sell or rescue puppies and adult dogs. If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us, check out our Scam Stopper page and/or the multiple videos we have posted on the subject on our Youtube Channel.

* = We spell the site name out this way so we don’t give any credence to their name when this post is listed in the search engines

15 Responses to “WARNING – Doggish.com.au – Another Australian canine site LOADED with fake ads”

  1. merle Stomps

    Although I condemn scammers, I think you are scaremongering Aussies looking for puppies from genuine breeders, on that site. You haven’t actually said there are genuine breeders who do advertise on that site. I do applaud your article on the ‘code of practice’ issue.

    • pups4sale

      No doubt there are legitimate advertisers such as yourself on the site in question. The problem lies in two areas:
      1: The site administrators are just plain lying when they state repeatedly on their site that they verify every advertiser. The fact is they don’t or else all the scammers that use their site would be detected, as per the reasons outlined in the article.
      2: There are unsuspecting Australian families out there who are going to get their money stolen by the scammers using the site in question – there is no doubt about it. Such rackets are what these villains do for a living and they are very “good” (for want of a better word) at it. Sites like the one in question who do not check their advertisers’ bona fides are directly responsible for the losses suffered by such unsuspecting families, and should be held to account for it.
      Let’s hope they are shamed into doing something about it – but we are not holding our collective breath.

  2. Casey Hart

    Id just like to ad, that I am a phone verified breeder that uses the site in question to advertise. I had to respond to the txt and go through the whole process to become verified!
    I don’t think it’s fair that you have slandered their site so obviously, when you could have done it a bit more tactfully! ((Editor’s note): Slander is unfounded criticism. The critique we have made of this site is evidence-based and deisgned to warn unsuspecting members of the public.)
    I hate the thought that there are scammers out there because it makes breeders like me subjected to questioning every time we advertise, which is understandable but I think it should also lie in the responsibility of the Australian families.
    Buying a new dog or puppy is a major decision and I would never buy a puppy from anyone who wouldn’t do any of the following-
    Answer their phone
    Allow me to come and visit the puppy
    Allow me to contact them only via email
    Offer a purebred or designer breed for transport costs only!
    and obviously someone who is stupid enough to reply to an ad with the wrong breed pictured is asking for trouble.
    We all need to be less trusting and a lot more cautious!

    • pups4sale

      Our ultimate aim is to have every Australian site that hosts puppy ads actually verify every registrant. It’s as simple as that. However each of the sites we have exposed thus far (D-o-g-g-i-s-h and OLX) have subsequently not done one thing to make it harder for scammers to use and abuse their sites.
      If every site took the trouble to ACTUALLY do what http://www.pups4sale.com.au does and not PRETEND they did so, the scammers would never succeed in placing one fake puppy ad in this Country.
      This Country needs lots more small businesses than we have now. However when such businesses are operating online, they need to be vigilant in terms of the authenticity of their membership base. Where this isn’t the case in the canine world, pups4sale will unashamedly be on their case….like a dog on a bone 😉

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  9. Julie coulson

    Well well I have just tried to get in touch with Karen with whom I was arranging a puppy for June. I have paid my deposit but had not received my receipt, so tried to email Karen with the American accent who lives in Sale and can’t have any one to the house because her husband has dementia. Oh well my fault I should have known better there were signs.
    Come on doggish verify your sellers
    Or people will stop looking on your site.
    Maybe you would like to give me my deposit back.
    Jc Mount Evelyn

    • pups4sale

      Julie, I would say you have lost your deposit. Let me guess – you paid via Western Union? If so you can kiss it goodbye, as Western Union is rightly known as “The Scammer’s Friend”.
      If you paid by direct deposit into an Australian bank account however, that is a different matter and means there is a lot more the Police can do.
      We – and the Police – agree sites such as doggish should be held to account for letting the scammers operate unhindered on their sites. We have quoted a recent comment by the Police on precisely this on our Scam Stopper page: http://www.pups4sale.com.au/content/scam-stopper.html – which makes interesting reading, doesn’t it?!
      Stick with pups4sale sellers is the answer at the end of the day – and you will NEVER encounter an overseas scammer.

    • karen

      Dear Julie Coulson,
      I was appalled to see my name on this site. I am not a scammer and have searched for your deposit or an email from you and cannot find one. PLEASE notify me by email and I will certainly contact you. Why would I give up my reputation for a $75. deposit. This must be dome kind of misunderstanding. I will be more than glad to give you your deposit back if you do not any longer want a puppy. Kindest regards,

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