Trading Post puppy scams continuing – warning

Trading Post puppy scams still running
Trading Post puppy scams still running

– Readers of the Daily Dog may remember how we recently warned of the puppy scams being run on the Trading Post. Well it seems our blog post got some attention the Trading Post didn’t like. In fact they had the audacity to attempt to comment on the post, with the following statement:

“Thanks to pups4sale for bringing the issue of scammers to the attention of Australian pet buyers.

Indeed, the issue of scammers and fraudsters is one that all classifieds websites must deal with. As businesses put measures in place, the fraudster get smarter and so it is a constant battle, and one that we must win.

I am happy to report that Trading Post has implemented new and updated fraud tools early February. Every single (edited) ad on the website is now reviewed by a person from our fraud team. No exceptions. And if we are unsure of the legitimacy of the ad placed, we call the seller to make sure.

Although no process is perfect, the results so far indicate that we have eliminated 99% of all new fraud ads placed, so that we can be sure that our buyers can shop with confidence. As they have for more than 40 years.

The Trading Post Fraud Team.”

Wonderful – or so we thought! However instead of publishing their comment right away, we thought we would wait and see if they, as one of the largest members of the pups4sale hall of shame would actually do something about the scams they are allowing to run on their site. After all, they have the resources to act, if they really mean what they say and are not just pushing out some PR spin.

Sadly, we were to be disappointed. Below is just one example of emails we have received from (now former) Trading Post (TP) customers since the TP issued the above statement:

“Thanks for your Scam Watch. I was looking at an advert on Trading Post – with some scepticism. It advertised Maltese puppies here in Darwin. I emailed off and received a response (Attached).
Firstly – I was unable to contact their mobile number.Name such as “Sandran” didn’t sound right. Email address – seemed very odd. I looked at the website Yandex and found it to be a Russian website. I also googled the email address and found it appears in a Scam watch for a reptile buying website!!! Then I nearly fell over when I read the text in the emails on your YouTube video – it was almost identical – ending in “waiting”. 

I also expanded my search on the website – and see identical adverts with the same picture advertising Maltese pups in WA and QLD as well as Darwin!

Indeed just a brief glance of current TP puppy classifieds show the fraudsters are still very active on their site. So, are the Trading Post lying in their above message, or are they just incompetent in terms of stopping scams on their site? We have just uploaded a video to our YouTube Channel, showing how obvious such puppy scams are to the trained (and even the untrained!) eye. Please watch the video and make up your own mind.

As we mentioned in the video, statements such as “Every single (edited) ad on the website is now reviewed by a person from our fraud team. No exceptions. And if we are unsure of the legitimacy of the ad placed, we call the seller to make sure.” are plainly and demonstrably false. For instance if the TP had one of their fraud team members ring the telephone number the scammer included with their registration, they would find the number either doesn’t exist or is a random number chosen by the scammers and which belongs to someone who knows nothing about the ad in question. So easy, yet clearly not done despite the TP’s assertions.

So once again we reinforce the point that the Trading Post cannot be trusted when it comes to the legitimacy of puppy ads placed on their site.

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