Puppies For Sale Scams

Traderoo puppies for sale scams exposed
Traderoo puppies for sale scams exposed

– You would think a site like Traderoo, which is owned by News Limited, would have the ability to stop puppies for sale scam ads from being run on their site, wouldn’t you? Well of course this multi-national Company has the ability, but clearly they are lacking in terms of the will to do so. Unfortunately, yet again the Daily Dog is compelled to expose yet another Australian classified website that allows fake puppies for sale ads to be run on its pages.

Click on the image in this Post to be taken to the YouTube Channel of pups4sale where we walk you through several of the scam ads currently listed in Traderoo. Concerningly, and as we have predicted previously on the Daily Dog, the scams are becoming more sophisticated and harder for the average person to detect.

The new generation of scams include features such as:

* Microchip numbers – fake of course, but they are listed to instill a sense of legitimacy in the scam ad.

* Full vs Limited Registration – being aware of the different classes of registration available, the scammers have hopped on to this bandwagon and mention the pups can be registered on the Full/Main or Limited register with the relevant State Registration body. Again this is all about creating an aura of genuineness around their ad.

* Statements regarding how the welfare of the puppies are of paramount importance and they will not be sold to anything buthg appropriate homes – blah, blah, blah. This is all a smokescreen to aid in the scammer’s quest to make their fake puppies for sale scam ad seem legitimate.

Even though such ads are becoming more sophisticated all the time, there is no chance they would fool a professional site administrator. The fact puppies for sale scams are allowed to run on Traderoo underscores the fact the ads on that site are not checked and therefore cannot be trusted. If only News Limited could spare a few dollars from the Company’s multi-billion dollar yearly profit to pay for ad checking, they would save many people who use their site the risk of falling victim to scams. We can only hope they decide to do something about it sooner rather than later, but in the meantime click here to find the latest list of classified ad sites in Australia that allow puppies for sale scams to be run on their pages:


As always, more information is available on pups4sale’s Scam Stopper page to help you spot scams and avoid being ripped off. As general classified sites such as Traderoo and Gumtree also host ads for just about anything, you need to be very wary about trusting the legitimacy of any ad on their site until you can be absolutely satisfied the seller is genuine. If in doubt, contact us in admin and we’ll be only too glad to help sniff out a scam 😉

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