Tips for puppy sellers number 3 – Facebook

Leverage the Facebook Post of your puppy ad on pups4sale
Leverage the Facebook Post of your puppy ad on pups4sale

– As part of our multi-channel approach to helping our members sell their puppies to the right homes, pups4sale makes heavy use of Social Media – primarily Facebook and Twitter. Whilst we also use Pinterest and YouTube channels, Facebook is of course far and away the most popular and useful social media tool in the digital shed, so to speak.

When you have an ad for a litter on pups4sale, the ad is automatically shared on our Facebook Page and Twitter Feed, appearing on those platforms approximately 10 minutes after the ad in question is live on our site.

What many advertisers don’t take advantage of however is their ability to share and comment on the Facebook Post of their ad on our Page.

Just one look at the screenshot (at left) of the comments made by a social media savvy advertiser on pups4sale, gives you an idea of what we are driving at in this Post.

Firstly, advertisers are encouraged to share the Post of their ad on their own Facebook Timeline. By doing so, all their Facebook Friends will see the Post and may well re-share or comment on it. Additionally, the advertiser is spreading the word about their litter in their own social circle and that of their FB Friends, which can easily run into thousands of people.

Secondly, commenting on the Post on our Page is a great way to interact with the growing pool of viewers who prefer social media channels over traditional internet channels. From a traditional standpoint, of course it is very important to keep your ad up to date on our site, with regularly updated photos and information as a litter grows, sales are made, etc. So too it is just as important to do this with your Post on our FB Page, as there is nothing to stop you adding extra photos as well as comments and replies to comments of others on your Post. As the advertiser did in the above screenshot, so you can do too – so why not take advantage of this extra platform to aid the sale of your puppies?

Further underscoring the intent of this Post is the extent of pups4sale’s FB reach, with literally tens of thousands of people viewing our Posts each week. Facebook is such a huge marketplace and so many Australian dog lovers come to our Page, that an advertiser who doesn’t take advantage of our reach on that platform is very much doing themselves a disservice. So in the immortal words of Molly Meldrum (and those who were children of the ’70s will know who I mean!), “Do yourself a favour” and head on over to our Facebook Page the next time you place an ad on pups4sale. Like, Share and Comment to your hearts content; you’ll be glad you did!

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