Tips for puppy sellers number 2 – Description field

A good quality description is very important for the success of your puppy  classified - the Daily Dog by pups4sale
A good quality description is very important for the success of your puppy classified

– In this second Post from our series on tips for puppy sellers, we focus on the very important area of the description or ad detail field. Paying attention to the content in this part of your ad is just as vital as including good quality photos, and is an area we often see neglected by breeders.

In today’s Post we use the example of a past classified placed on our site, in order to show you what not to do when creating your ad.

Click on the image in this Post and it will open a new window, containing an enlarged version of the image. We’re going to refer to the points noted on the image in order to demonstrate both what to do and what not to do.

1: Check your ad before publishing. At several points along the way, including right before you authorise payment for your ad, you have the opportunity to click on a “Preview” tab and review your ad in another window. If the advertiser had done so in this case, they would have noted right away that they had listed their litter for $13,000 per pup. Now we know there are some very expensive breeds out there, but $13,000 is still a little bit too high a price, wouldn’t you say?

When such an ad goes live, the obvious mistake in the price field is clearly something that can turn people off the ad right away. So this highlights how just a little bit of checking prior to publishing goes a long way.

2a: Check your spelling. As you will see from the text highlighted next to Point 2 on the image, the small amount of text contained within the ad is replete with spelling errors. Most browsers these days will highlight such errors as you type them, so all you have to do to correct them (in most cases) is place your cursor over the misspelled word, right click and select the correctly spelled word.

By not doing so, this advertiser has undermined public confidence in their own ad. Together with the mistake in the price field, the poor spelling naturally makes people wonder whether this advertiser is professional about their breeding or not.

2b: Alternative/Direct contact options. After giving this ad some well deserved criticism, one good point to note is the inclusion of an alternative method of contact from the “Contact Seller” tab on the right hand side of the ad page. Here the seller includes a mobile phone number, which we strongly recommend advertisers include. Why? Because quite often enquirers like to talk with an advertiser directly as a first point of contact, rather than via a written note.

Please note that you may have included your mobile phone number in your registration details when you registered with pups4sale. However, for our members’ privacy and security, such information is kept private by our system, with the only contact details that are made public being those you manually type in the body of your ad.

3: Title. You are aiming to sell your litter – yes? Well if so, think of a catchy title such as “Fun loving, mischievous Pugs for sale” or “Gorgeous, healthy Pug puppies”, for example. Don’t do what this breeder did and simply say “Pug”, or some other one, two or three word title.

Make people want to know more about your litter, by using a catchy title. By all means have a look at what other advertisers include in their Title field, if looking for some inspiration.

4: Photos. We’ve already covered this in a previous Post, but the lack of photos included with the ad in question demands attention be drawn to this issue. If the ad had a good quality description, it wouldn’t be so bad. But given the description is so poor, the use of only one photo just makes a bad situation worse. Folks, there are 10 photo/video slots available to be used with each ad. We strongly encourage you to use all 10, as photos make a huge difference in terms of the success or otherwise of your ad.

This advertiser could have used another 9 photos in order to greatly improve the attractiveness of their ad, but chose not to for some reason. Please learn from this mistake, use all the slots available, and replace your photos every 2 weeks at least with new photos as your puppies develop.

So in conclusion, paying attention to the description field of your ad is just as important as filling up all the photo slots. A detailed description of your litter, quirks you may have noticed about individual pups, information about the parents, tips on the breed (pros and cons) and so forth are all the types of information a serious enquirer will find interesting at the very least. In fact, if you’re looking for ideas on what to include, take your breeder’s hat off for a moment and put on a buyer’s hat instead. Think of the sort of questions you would want answered if you were buying a pup from this litter, and don’t be surprised if doing so generates a whole lot of ideas in terms of text to include in your description field.

So remember, if you want to maximise the return on your litter as a reward for all your hard work as a breeder, paying attention to your ad’s description field is crucial.

More tips on how to prepare a successful puppy ad will be coming soon, so stay tuned to the Daily Dog!

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