Tips for puppy sellers – Number 1 – great photos

A great photo can have a hug effect on the success of a puppy classified
A great photo can have a hug effect on the success of a puppy classified

– In this series of Posts for puppy sellers, pups4sale highlights different aspects of a classified ad that are crucial to its success in what is often a very expensive business; breeding and selling puppies.

Pups4sale defines a successful litter sale as always including the following two factors:

1: Successfully selling all your pups to homes you are confident will care for them for their entire lives.

2: Maximizing the financial return on the litter overall for the particular breed.

In our first Post on the topic of tips for sellers, we highlight the importance of great photos to the success of your ad. Chances are you’ve already noticed the photo in this Post, which certainly fits the definition of a great photo. So eye-catching was the photo, when it appeared on our Facebook Page Feed, it garnered over 5,600 views, shares and comments in just 3 short days.

However you don’t need to be a professional photographer or imaginative genius to take great photos. Instead just focus (pun intended) on the following points when deciding what photos to include in your ad:

Focus: Use photos that are in focus! With auto-focusing cameras being pretty well standard these days, it is often hard to take an out-of-focus picture. However as puppies can move at the speed of light, if anyone can cause a photo to be blurred, it is these little guys! So before taking one or two snaps and considering it “job done”, instead consider taking dozens of photos from all different angles so you can choose the best when the time comes to upload them to your ad.

Identify each puppy: Take photos of individual puppies from the litter, and name each photo. When placing an ad on pups4sale, you have space for 10 photos/videos. Most litters of pups number less than ten, so when uploading pictures with your ad, type the name of each pup in the space provided below the photo (e,g, Fido, Rover, Spot, etc). Alternatively, where advertisers do not want to name their pups and thus have pups get used to those names, it is common practice to use a descriptive term to identify each pup, e.g. “Male pup 1”, “White female” and so on.

By using the above terminology, enquirers can nominate which pup they are interested in when communicating with you. You can then correspond with the enquirer about that particular pup, knowing you are talking about the same puppy.

Photo subject: Each photo should be almost entirely taken up by a pup. Photos where you have a pup metres away from the camera, standing beside a large tree, or sitting on a shirtless beer belly, simply detract from the subject, which has always got to be the pup itself.

Parents: Include a photo of the parents where possible. This only needs to be one photo in most cases, but it helps people to see the likely characteristics of a pup from the litter in question as the puppies develop into adulthood.

Previous litters: If the puppies from the litter in question are only newborn, or have not yet been born, don’t let that stop you from placing your ad. Instead, use photos of pups from previous litters you may have had, and note that fact in the body of your ad. Then change the photos to ones of the current litter when they reach two weeks of age onward.

If you have not had a previous litter from the parents of this litter, use photos of the parents instead, including photos of them as puppies (if you have such photos). That way people can still get an idea of what the puppies will look like when they are older, as of course they are going to take on the characteristics of their parents.

Updates: Update photos as the puppies grow. Pups4sale recommends changing photos in your ad with up to date pictures every two weeks at a minimum. That way interested viewers can see the puppies as they develop and decide on which particular pup they wish to purchase.

Video: Each ad on pups4sale has room for up to 10 videos or photos. So if you have a video on your device, or a YouTube video of your pups, it is a great idea to include this in your ad. Videos can show the pups at rest, play, interacting with humans, parents and other dogs, the personality of individual puppies and so-on – in short, so much more than a single still photo could ever do.

The same principles described above apply to videos as to still photos too. That means if you do include videos, update them as the puppies grow, focus on the puppies concerned, identify individuals as you film, etc.

Of course there is much more to the success of a classified ad than just the photos. In coming Posts we’ll be discussing those aspects, with the next subject being the Detail or Description field of the ad. Having said that, as we’ve highlighted today, including photos/videos that take note of the points described above make a huge impact on the overall success of your puppy classified.

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