RSPCA Pays Bonus For Killing Puppies


– As many readers of the Daily Dog will know, the team at pups4sale is no fan of the left-wing political organisation known as the RSPCA. Although staffed by well meaning volunteers, the leadership of this multi-million dollar business has … Continued

RSPCA kills half the animals in one NSW shelter


Disturbing news has emerged, confirming long held suspicions the RSPCA is not all it’s cracked up to be. Unlike private shelters such as The Underdog Staffy & Bull Breed Rescue, which have an extremely high rate of successfully re-homing their … Continued

Puppy farm petition for dog lovers to sign


– Pups4sale would like to encourage all our members and visitors to sign the petition we feature in today’s Daily Dog. This petition is aimed at sending a message to the Victorian Shire Council of Gannawarra that it should cease … Continued

PETA Kills Dogs – Lots Of Dogs


– PETA – the so-called “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” has once again been caught out – killing over 90% of the total number of cats and dogs in its shelter. PETA was forced to reveal its hand … Continued