Sammy: Autism Assistance Dog update

Sammy the Autism Assistance Dog has become quite a star on The Daily Dog, with a number of people asking for the latest news. Sammy’s mum Rachelle is going to pen a regular update for all the friends of pups4sale, … Continued

Sammy the Autism Assistance Dog


What better way to start our new blog than to introduce you to Sammy the Autism Assistance Dog (AAD) and his owner, Savannah. Autism Assistance Dogs are for Autistic people what Guide Dogs are for blind people; their constant companion, … Continued

October 2014 is Dogtober Assistance Dog Month

– October 2014 has been renamed Dogtober to raise awareness of the ever increasing need for Assistance Dogs across Australia. What are Assistance Dogs? Simply put they are dogs that assist children and adults living with disabilities to live a … Continued