Petsguide – Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame August 2014 Update

Petsguide - the latest addition to the Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame
Petsguide – the latest addition to the Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame

– In the August 2014 update of the Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame, we feature petsguide, a site that has been online for a number of years, has recently been upgraded, but continues to host a huge percentage of scams among its puppy classifieds.

We do wonder why a site would go to the bother and expense of updating its platform without taking the time to properly address the ever important issue of ad legitimacy. Petsguide (like many others) gives lip service to this concept, but in reality is clearly doing nothing to actually check the legitimacy of its advertisers.

We have highlighted some new and existing tactics the puppy scammers are utilising from a selection of the fake ads we highlight in this YouTube video. Perhaps the most notable of the new tactics being employed is the scammers are stating the pups can be picked up, whereas usually they say the pups are only available for delivery. As we discuss in the video however, it is just another twist in the scammers’ never ending quest to appear legitimate. Of course the ultimate aim of the fraudsters is to get their victims to send them as much money as they can possibly extract from them via Western Union money transfers, with no puppy ever materialising.

So the full suite of dodgy sites comprising the August 2014 Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame is listed on our Scams page here.


If you, a friend or family member are considering purchasing a puppy from petsguide or one of the other sites above, please view the relevant blog Post and accompanying video first, in order to help detect if the ad in question is a scam.

If in doubt, always feel free to contact us at pups4sale however, and ask us to give the ad in question an expert assessment. In most cases we can tell in just a few seconds whether a given ad looks legitimate and is worth pursuing further, or not.

If you have been scammed – or nearly so – on one of the above sites or any other in Australia, please let our readers know about it and how it happened in the comments section below. That will assist others avoid being scammed in future too.

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  1. Gail

    Larybush is the scammers name he has many varieties of puppies for sale, I went with my gut feeling in the end when the phone number he gave us kept going to message bank, I did not send any money and told him COD was the only way. He did agree and sent us a text with an activation number on it and asked if we received it as he wanted to know if we where legit but we where fooled as he has now used my phone number as the contact number for one of his scammed adds, as I received a phone call today regarding a
    Blue French Bull Dog that I was apparently selling, lucky I could tell the man on the other end that it was a scam and at least he was not going to become another victim of Larybush. Hope this helps but I just can’t find a way of contacting Pets Guide to let them know of this scammer and to get them to remove my number, so any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks

    • pups4sale

      Gail, we have been contacted by other people recently who have also had their phone numbers used by the scammers – of course without the person concerned knowing. We’ve highlighted this on several of our recent videos actually.
      We are so glad you didn’t lose any money too!
      At the bottom of the home page on petsguide is a tab that says “support” which you can click on to send them a message. Good luck with getting a response however, as most MFA (Made For Adsense) sites like this rarely if ever respond.
      As at 03/11/14, a quick check shows the site is still loaded with fake ads of all descriptions. 🙁
      Check out what the Police think about it all by their quote at the top of our Scam Stopper page:

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