Petsforsale – Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame April 2015 update

Petsforsale is another MFA site loaded with puppy scams
Petsforsale is another MFA site loaded with puppy scams

– In the April 2015 edition of the Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame, we feature petsforsale, and the range of scammers that infest its pages. In particular we note some new techniques you need to be aware of that are being rolled out by the scammers who are using the site.

The techniques in question are highlighted in the accompanying video from our YouTube Channel and show the latest ways in which scammers are trying to get around our warning tips for puppy buyers. You can rest assured the scammers watch our YouTube videos and read our blog Posts on the subject of scams, trying to work out ways to improve their techniques. There’s not much we can do about that, but what we can do is keep you up to date on the never ending arms-race we are engaged in against them.

As a side note, we did hope the advent of the new ACORN online fraud reporting service in Australia would result in action being at last taken against not only the overseas scammers that run the puppy scams in Australia, but also the Australian sites that facilitate them. Alas, as we highlighted in a recent Post, ACORN are as useless as Scamwatch when it comes to action; they are just another layer of do-nothing bureaucracy. Hence if you are thinking about making a report to them over an online scam you may have encountered, don’t waste your time.

So here we are at pups4sale, on our lonesome, toiling away to keep you informed about the latest in scam trends, and as a result helping to keep you and your family protected from falling victim to the scammers.

This month’s featured site is petsforsale, a MFA (Made For Adsense) site that appears to be unmoderated, and basically provides open-slather for scammers to run their fake puppy ads on. If Google refused to run their ads on the site, then sites such as this one would go out of business, as their whole reason for being is to suck money out of the Adsense program. The site owners couldn’t care less about you being scammed by their advertisers, as the more ads they host (real or fake), the more opportunity they have for making easy money.

So stay away from petsforsale folks, and its scam ads, and stick to the legitimate, verified advertisers to be found on pups4sale. You’ll be glad you did. 😉

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