OzFreeAds – Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame Update – July 2015

Ozfreeads .com.au puppy scams
Ozfreeads .com.au puppy scams

– Another month, another site in the Australian canine marketplace that needs exposing – in this case OzFreeAds .com.au free classifieds. Like many other MFA (Made For Adsense) sites, this one exists solely to make money out of Google’s advertising network, known as Adsense.

Like many similar sites that use the “.com.au” domain extension, this one is actually run from overseas – in this case France. Outside of Australian jurisdiction, and unafraid of our toothless authorities (such as ACORN), the grubs that run these sites couldn’t care less if Australian dog owners get ripped off by the thieves operating on their domain.

Whilst this site offers all sorts of categories for the scammers to ply their trade on, it is puppy scams that dominate its pages – as we show in the accompanying video. The fact that the majority of scams being run on the site involve puppies, highlights just how successful the scammers are in tricking unsuspecting Australian dog lovers into parting with their money. After all, if the return on their “investment” wasn’t there with this particular scam, you can bet the bad guys would move on to a more profitable venture. As the scammers know only too well, “time is money”.

Here is an email we received recently from Susan, who had been to ozfreeads in search of a puppy, then came upon our many and varied warnings on the Internet regarding puppy scams.

 “Hi There, i have just been reading your recent post about puppy scam ads & found it most informative. My daughter & I have just this past week, experienced this scam through a website called ozfreeads .com.au. My daughter who is 14, has been constantly searching for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy at an affordable price. I responded to two ads on this website, thinking they were relatively close to us, only to find the opposite. Needless to say, I didn’t proceed when I saw the same photo on multiple adds, the second was a little more believable, but alarm bells went off for a few different reasons. My daughter was heartbroken on two occasions, so please add this website to your hall of shame.”

We were able to help Susan out by pointing her in the direction of the legitimate, verified Cavalier advertisers who advertise their litters on pups4sale. We’re glad to also help out other potential victims of this site by exposing ozfreeads for the pirate’s lair it is.

The thing to remember is that you may think it will never happen to you; falling for an online scam – however emotion can make all of us blind. A cute puppy picture, a cheap price – and hey presto, anyone can get hooked faster than you can say “scum sucking, bottom feeding, oxygen thieving parasite”!

So as we say in the video, stay well clear of ozfreeads, as every single one of the puppy classifieds currently listed on that site are fake.

28 Responses to “OzFreeAds – Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame Update – July 2015”

  1. Rowan

    i too was searching online on ozfreeads .com.au for a pomxchi puppy and was nearly blinded by the prospect of getting my new companinon, last night being totally oblivious to the scam i responded to an add by member User N°PTA36128. \i did some research and checked the person who responded email for the i.p. address at it is currently guilty of many many online frauds. the person wanted me to transfer $1500 into a moneygram account so he could arrange the puppy to be flown from perth to my doorstep…. the initial ads location was victoria.. anyway just thought you should know. and if anybody can help me get a pom x chi puppy id be delighted , im having lots of trouble. my little pom x mate “zac” moved away with his mum for work commitments and i miss having him around and would love another friend. thanks all

  2. Rosemary

    I recently looked on ozfreeads to purchase a mini dachshund
    From the word go it looked like a scam
    the spelling,grammar,potty trained etc
    item located in Melbourne but the sellar was in Pert
    Sellar ID PTA 41687

  3. Nando

    Beware of these ads there all fake. Especially beware of godlovematin1@hotmail.com and angelogrey23@gmail.com these two are all over the Internet. Type in godlovematin1@hotmail.com and you will see what I mean. Also type in Angelo grey fake scammer. Don’t give these low life’s any money there from Cameroon.

    • pups4sale

      Nando, the scammers do change their email addresses all the time. However it is always a good idea to run the email address of anyone you may be suspicious of through a Google search. If it is a scammer and they haven’t changed their email address in the last week or so, there is a good chance the scams they are currently running will appear in the search results of their email address.
      Not a foolproof check by any means, but always worth doing. 😉

  4. Nando

    Beware of this email address sharonstone780@gmail.com she will try to scam you by claiming she has cheap puppies to sell which don’t exist. This person is a scammer

    • pups4sale

      Nando, scammers change their email addresses frequently to try and stay ahead of the game. There are sites that list such email addresses actually. However if you receive an email from a “Sharon Stone”, I don’t think there is much need to read it before deciding it’s a scammer. Mind you we have had emails from John Travolta, but that’s another story. 😀

  5. Noeleen Wood

    They are advertising kittens as well to get information. I was caught by the ad twice because there is not much information in the as. Twice I got the same email word for word and it was obviously a scam. The last time I asked them where they were so that I could come and see the kittens and got the same obviously criminal reply. Can’t this advertising agency stop these robbers? They are the ones who should be shut down for allowing these criminals to flourish.

    • pups4sale

      Noeleen, as Brian Hay from the Qld Fraud Squad said at the time, yes the sites themselves should be held responsible. Given that they don’t care, we publish the Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame on our site.
      Scamwatch is just as complicit, as they refuse to name and shame the sites involved either.
      The result – a perfect haven for crims to run their pet scams in Australia.
      The solution – stick to pups4sale when it comes to canines. Everything else – you’re own your own, sorry.

  6. sue

    JUST 3 DAYS AGO I CAME ACROSS THIS OZFREEADDS SITE LOOKING AT POODLE PUPS FOR SALE and i sent emails to all of the ones advertising pups for $300 and $400 because i thought something did not seem right / i got an email back from someone calling himself tony obrian and he said why was i sending out so many emails re the poodle pups /so i then thought how would he know this /and answered him with the answer that i was wanting to purchase one and that way i could choose / he then replied so quick saying that they had two pups and they had now relocated to Tasmania /but the pups could be sent by courier with papers ext ext and went on and on / and i was to get back to him with all address details and that i would be paying the courier / i could not believe how quick he was replying it was like every thing was already and was just automated out to who ever / i got no replys from any of the other emails and there was about 6 i sent other than one from a antony anderson with a phone number that did not reply with 07 at the front of the number mobile number / i then believed that this was the same person tony obrian /and all the othere emails i sent went to him that is why he knew how many emails i had sent out // so my question is why is this being allowed to happen so openly taking people in ?? is there nothing that can be done re this /sort of thing / i also think there are some on the trading post as one was advertising toy poodles with cute photos with bows in there hair / supposed to be in mt Gambia when you contacted again some funny buisness and i saw the same add on this ozzfreeadds also . please some one reading this look into it //its so bad

    • pups4sale

      Sue, first of all we’re glad we were able to help you being scammed by one of the cyber crims that inhabit ozfreeads. You can safely assume that every puppy classified on that site is fake until proven otherwise.
      However you have also raised an important point re the Trading Post. That site is another we have exposed for running fake ads, yet many people mistakenly assume that puppy ads on the TP are as legitimate as those on pups4sale. The evidence is clear on the videos we have posted on our YouTube channel that you cannot assume all TP puppy ads are legit.
      So Sue, stick to pups4sale advertisers and you will be fine with regards the above.
      Re exposing the sites that host the scammers, we are the only ones doing anything about it via the Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame. Scamwatch is completely useless and totally uninterested in naming and shaming. They’re good at Tweeting for their own publicity purposes, but that’s about it. You could in fact do much more than them, simply by spreading the word about puppy scams among your own online friends.

  7. Margaret

    Don’t go near this one. I send emails to three different people regarding puppies for sale. All three replies were almost identical. They all asked extremely similar questions and gave various reason as to why they were either selling or giving the puppies away. The bell went of when I received an email from Regina Reinhart chambers or someone claiming to work there. Nice try there is no such business, I checked. Another thing I noticed is that they hardly ever tell you there name or were they are. I offered to fly to Darwin and pick up the puppies but surprise, surprise I didn’t hear from them again. A question that I would like answered is why they are allowed to advertise. Dosen’t anyone check the validity of these people, And like I said stay away from this web site.

    • pups4sale

      Margaret, your account is an all too common one, sadly. Unfortunately the authorities in the form of Scamwatch refuse to name and shame the sites such as ozfreeads that deliberately allow scammers to ply their trade on their pages. Until such action is taken – and indeed until such sites are taken down, nothing is likely to change, unfortunately.
      The best thing you can do is to warn everyone you know to stay right away from sites such as ozfreeds, as virtually all of their ads are fake.

  8. Nando

    Hello Margaret, I received a reply from a Georgina Rhinehart Chambers also. These ads are all fake and I played along with a few and they are all very similar in content. Once you ask to pick the puppies up they backtrack very quickly because the puppies don’t exist. They are operating the scam from Cameroon, I actually received a call from someone in Cameroon claiming to be the delivery “agency. My advice is stay away from these fake websites and buy animals in person.

    • pups4sale

      Nando, that advice is generally spot on. The problem lies in the fact that it is very common for people to transport pups around Australia these days, with one of a number of very reputable animal transport companies. That leaves the door open for the scammers to try the trick of arranging transport with a fake freight company (we see it all the time on sites such as ozfreeads). This is where the puppy buyer just has to say to themselves they will not trust any ad whatsoever on a site that hosts the scammers. Until a person does that, the door is ajar for the scammers to have a victory over them.
      One final point – yes Cameroon hosts a lot of scammers and the syndicates to which they belong. However there are also many still located in other African nations, the former Soviet Union, and a smattering in SE Asia (primarily Indonesia).

  9. Frances T

    I just got a email from Georgina rhinehart chambers saying that she has my dream puppies ready to go for me. I have already giving her all of my details. Am I being scammed? She has said that we don’t pay her, we pay the delivery guy when the dogs get here.

    • pups4sale

      Yes Frances, it is 100% a scam. Here’s what will happen: The “seller” (really the “scammer”) will contact you again, saying the pup is ready to be freighted, but you need to pay the freight costs, insurance, vet checks – anything really they can think of – in advance. If you pay that, then they will come back and say there are extra charges that have come up that you also need to pay. The aim is to keep extracting money out of you until you either run out of money or realise you are being scammed. It is a standard approach they use.
      There is no puppy – be assured of that.

      • Frances T

        Thank you for getting back to me. For my own piece of mind, I got my cousin to go to the address that they gave me in Darwin, and they had no dogs, and had no idea what he was talking about. Thank god for family all around Australia.

  10. John

    I got trouble with Georgina Rinehart Chambers as you encountered. Fortunately got no lost. Please pay attention to their ads, Same photo appeared in different ads with different location. No only this website. “http://australia.cracker.com.au/” also having this situation and seems same group of people. For animals, best and only way to do is PICK UP BY YOURSELF and pay when you pick up. Good luck to all of you.

  11. Kelli Van de Water

    I nearly got scammed by Georgina Rinehardt Chambers. I didn’t lose any money as something sounded fishy and I mentioned it to a friend who suggested I google the name. Lucky I did and came across all this information on scammers. Looking back at the website cracker.com.au they all appear to be similar ads. All scams, all scumbags.

    • pups4sale

      Given the real owner of that name is Australia’s richest woman, I doubt she would be personally selling pups. The thing is, if it sounds fishy, it most likely is. Glad you did your research before you handed over any money, and yes virtually every ad on cracker is fake. The best thing you can do is stay right away from that site.

  12. Chris

    Hi please beware of a Reena Liliana and her email address is rennalilianap@gmail.com. She has tried to scam me , please be careful of her. She is bad news.

    BBB reports federal court, online puppies scams

    By Sheryl Krieg, skrieg@news-sentinel.com

    Friday, September 30, 2016 2:42 PM

    The Better Business Bureau announced it is receiving calls from consumers regarding a couple of scams making the rounds.
    The first is a phone scam in which people receive a threatening call informing them they will be brought before a federal magistrate or jury because of a federal offense and gives a phone number to call to avoid being arrested. The bureau said sometimes the caller will say “final warning due to dealings with the U.S. Treasury,” and other times will say “second and final notice.”
    The bureau said the caller, who does not address the person by name, is not legitimate.
    The bureau said a couple of websites advertising puppies for sale include an ad for two free Maltese puppies. One person reported to the bureau that he called the number listed (469-723-9445). No one answered, but he received a text message from “Renna Liliana” who said she couldn’t talk because she was at work. She provided her email address, rennalilianap@gmail.com, which she used to send pictures of the puppies.

    The caller became suspicious and did a Google search on the phone number, which revealed several reports that it was a scam phone number. He investigated further and said the same picture of the Maltese puppies had been used on various sites and in various states for 1 1/2 years.

    • pups4sale

      This sounds like a professional syndicate at work. The “quality” of the scammers (for want of a better phrase) varies greatly and it sounds like these are top shelf ones.
      However whether the crims are bright or not, the answer is the same; don’t ever respond to their phone calls of emails. They will end up leaving you alone quite quickly and move on to a better target.
      They change aliases all the time, by the way. You could have been dealing with an African in Cameroon just as easily as someone in SE Asia. Who knows – just don’t fall for them is the main thing.

  13. tahi webster

    Does anyone know about sandargce22@gmail.com We have just purchased a japanese spitz puppy of her and she has ads for many other dogs all around Australia? If it is a scam what should we do?

    • pups4sale

      If you are dealing with a scammer, they change their email addresses all the time, so that is not your starting point. If you have purchased the “puppy” from an ad on ozfreeads, then you have been scammed – 100%. Every puppy ad on that site is fake – without exception. The next question is, did you send any money to the scammer already? If so, in what format? Please read the information on this page: https://www.pups4sale.com.au/content/scam-stopper.html and you will see just how many classified ad websites in Australia are totally taken over by scammers.

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