Locanto puppies for sale scams


At pups4sale we are always keeping our eyes open for puppy scammers, as our members already know. So far this year on The Daily Dog we have highlighted puppies for sale scams listed on these sites.

Locanto is a website containing many scam ads for puppies for sale that don't exist.
Locanto – full of puppies for sale scams


Unfortunately now we have another site to add to the hall of shame; Locanto. As shown in the screenshot from their main pets classifieds page, the site is loaded with fake ads. Many of the ads in question are paid ads, meaning the scammers have also used a stolen credit card to pay for their ads. We reviewed half a dozen before we became too depressed to continue; the ads were so obviously fake they had clearly never been human-reviewed.

What makes our blood boil however is Locanto, like Doggish have the hide to say their site is safe to buy from. We’ve already exposed Doggish here – yet that particular site remains infested with fake ads to this day.

Locanto is cut from the same clothe as Doggish unfortunately. Locanto’s particular blurb is “local, safe, 100% free”. We can only assume this to mean:

Local – for locals from Cameroon, NIgeria and Eastern Europe

Safe: – safe for “locals” from the above Countries to transact their scams without fear of prosecution.

100% free – by using stolen credit cards, the site is 100% free for scammers as they don’t have to use their own “hard-earned” money in order to run their scams.

We urge our members to PLEASE be wary of buying puppies from such sites. If you think an ad you are interested in on such a site is genuine, feel free to run it by us first before contacting the advertiser. We are regularly contacted by unsuspecting victims who have been scammed on such sites for advice on what to do next. Unfortunately we can’t do much once the horse has already bolted. What the sites in question can do however is to stop the scammers using their sites in the first place, like we do at pups4sale.

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  2. Raphaela Dernocoure

    I found another scam on Locanto for a French Bulldog. It is only $600 which I though was too cheap. Then I google searched the photo and it has been used a million times before. Here is the guys email address donald.milner3@gmail.com ( yep I was silly enough to contact them). And here is the ad http://sydney.locanto.com.au/ID_202891434/This-beautiful-girl-is-going-to-be-tiny-She-is-only-about-1-2-t.html

    Hope you can stop these people!


    • pups4sale

      Hi Raphaela, Indeed it is a scam, as are many other puppies for sale ads on Locanto. It is only Locanto who can stop these people from advertising on their site, which we hope they do. However they have done nothing so far, so the best thing to do in the opinion of the team at the #DailyDog is stay right away from the site altogether.

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  5. Nicole

    Can you please see if this page is legit? I would love to give this beautiful puppy a home but i am weary. I have already contacted the seller who sent me individual photos but I want to be sure.

    • pups4sale

      Nicole, although you’re in the US, and pups4sale is Australian, one thing that is the same the world over is you can be sure when you are looking at a fake ad for a litter of puppies that don’t exist.
      This ad is exactly that.
      DO NOT – REPEAT – DO NOT – attempt to buy a puppy off Locanto, as virtually ALL of the puppy ads on that site are fake, fake, fake.
      If it seems to be good to be true, it most definitely is when it comes to the world of puppy sales.

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