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– The latest puppies for sale scam website to add to the Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame is findapup. Among the litany of Australian sites that do nothing to protect their visitors, this site is the worst we have encountered yet – and that’s saying something.

Click on the screen-grab from the site in question shown in this Post, and you will be taken to our video on findapup puppies for sale scams on our YouTube Channel.

Previously on the DailyDog we have exposed a number of other sites that are allowing puppies for sale scams to be run on their pages. To date none we are aware of have amended their practices, which if they did so could so easily stop the scammers in their tracks. The list at time of writing is shown below, with the only hope for change to be implemented at such sites being pressure from Australian  dog-lovers. Email them – or more effectively post on their Facebook page (multiple times if you have to), warning others that the site in question hosts scams. Feel free to link to any of the posts below or associated videos on pups4sale’s YouTube Channel when you do, so people viewing your post can see for themselves how they risk being scammed by using such sites. Hopefully such pressure on the sites in question will result in some action, if enough people take part. The list itself is located on this page.

As you’ll see by clicking on the video link above, there is not one legitimate ad being displayed on the site in question. Our research indicates the site has been largely abandoned from an admin perspective for the last sixteen months. However since the site itself still functions, the scammers are having a field-day with it – as you can imagine. As with the other sites listed above, please warn all your fellow dog-lovers about this particular site, which is yet another haven for the overseas scammers. As we say in the video, stay safe and only buy, sell or rescue puppies and adult dogs on pups4sale, where every advertiser and every ad is verified by admin.

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  2. tom

    Mate, I’m a breeder and have advertised on this site in the past. Yes there may be fraud sellers like an free site out there but stop putting the site down !!

    • pups4sale

      Tom, findapup and sites like it that allow scams to be run on their pages are just as bad as the scammers themselves. They facilitate ordinary, everyday Australians having their hard earned money being stolen off them. It is no different to opening the door for a robber to break into your house. When a site cleans up their act and starts taking responsibility for the advertisers on their site, we will back off. Until that time the team at pups4sale will keep warning people loudly and clearly to avoid such sites like the plague.

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