Findads – Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame Update February 2015

Findads - the latest addition to the Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame
Findads – the latest addition to the Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame

– The latest addition to the Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame is Findads This site has recently risen to prominence, and like many others of its kind is a Made For Adsense (MFA) site, run from overseas – in this case Oslo in Norway.

Check out our YouTube video that exposes Findads and the fake puppies for sale ads it contains. (Watch out particularly for our favourite ad of all – the Yorkshire Terrier advertised as a “great family guardian”! 😀 )

What makes this site even more insidious than many others we have exposed in our running list of scam-hosting sites on the Hall of Shame is the fact the site aggregates ads from other sites. Until recently one of those sites was the Trading Post, which tends to have more legitimate ads than fake ones – although as we’ve exposed previously, despite its denials the TP continues to host its fair share of puppy scams. So by aggregating ads from the TP, the site gains an air of legitimacy, which as our video shows it definitely does not deserve.

It looks like in recent days the TP has blocked the feed of its ads to findads, but nevertheless due to the sheer volume of ads the site is hosting from other bottom-feeding pirate websites, people could still be sucked in quite easily. Indeed, as of the time of publication we have noticed ads from Gumtree starting to appear on the site – which again appears to make Findads much more legitimate than it really is.

Like other MFA sites, the people behind this site do not give a rat’s you-know-what about people being scammed via their site. They put up a pathetic “buyer beware” disclaimer on their site, whilst admitting they have no oversight over the classified ads placed there. That is no surprise, given they state they also run free classified sites as far afield as Bangladesh and South Africa – which we’re sure are full of legitimate puppy classifieds – sarcasm most definitely intended! The fact is it’s hard enough to keep the scammers away from one classified site, let alone trying to manage multiple sites in multiple languages in multiple countries – common sense dictates it’s just not going to happen.

The bottom line is the people behind findads are just as responsible for people being scammed as are the sites whose Feeds and fake ads they feature. So if you come across findads in your internet travels when looking for a puppy, DO NOT under any circumstances attempt to purchase a puppy from any of the ads shown on their pages, as almost every single one is placed by a scammer – depressing yet all too true.

As we note in the related YouTube video, stick to the advertisers on folks, and you know the puppy ad you are enquiring about will be from a legitimate Australian advertiser, checked and verified by our experienced team. It’s as simple and straightforward as that. 😉

18 Responses to “Findads – Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame Update February 2015”

  1. Alex Fitzgerald

    The website “Austrlian.Cracker” Also has lots of scams, they all say the same thing! We were about to buy a Dachshund puppy from “Adelaide” and the moving company called and it was an over seas number, plus they wanted us to pay them with euros???? crazy.

    • pups4sale

      It is amazing how brazen they are too. Cracker is almost completely taken over by the scammers, as we’ll expose in coming months on the Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame. Needless to say (as I’m sure you’re well aware now!), stay right away from them when looking for a puppy.

  2. Liam

    I have been looking for a Rottweiler puppy for the last few days, and came across the website called I was very excited to see how many dogs were for sale and so close, until I emailed them and asked where they were located and details on the puppies. They couldn’t give me a location until they got what state I was in and 3 of them have said they have relocated recently away from QLD . HA! Thankfully I came across this website and looked through the scams link and found this. I was honestly about to purchase the dog tonight as I got paid, but came here first. I just want to thank the admin of this page for saving me wasting close to $700! If you wanted any more info on these scammers, feel free to email me !

    Thanks again !

  3. Maureen

    I see others have had the same scam as I have. I answered an add for Maltese, located in Darwin. Naomi (ha,ha) told me she was taking the pups to be transported. I was then contacted by International Pet Transporters, who wanted $450, but they wanted the money paid to a seven eleven store. When I told them I lived in the country, they then asked for a MoneyGram, or Western Union payable to an address in Camaroon. That’s when I pulled out. I answered another add on the same site for an Old English Sheepdog —– and guess what. So far I have had Naomi and Sonia answer my email’s, I have reported both adds to internet scams

    • pups4sale

      “Naomi” and “Sonia” are likely one and the same African gentlemen from the said Country of Cameroon, operating in a sweatshop type environment. This is their full time occupation (scamming people in the West) and they are very good at it. Well done for not falling for them.
      We also get them trying to place fake ads on pups4sale all the time, using stolen credit cards, etc. Because we check every ad and advertiser, they don’t get far. But that doesn’t stop them from trying just about every day.

  4. Maureen

    The worst thing is they have our names, addresses, emails and phone numbers. I even received an email, (3 weeks later) 3 days ago from the pet transport to say they had the puppies, and were waiting for payment of $450. There must be a way to get this site shut down, as it is heartbreaking to be disappointed. I was looking for another pet as my Maltese had just died from old age (16 yrs)

    • pups4sale

      That’s right Maureen, unfortunately – they do have your personal details, and there isn’t much you can do about that. The only thing you can do is make sure you don’t fall for the same tricks again. You could try reporting them to Scamwatch, but you’ll probably just get a canned email like we do and nothing else. 🙁

  5. Andrew Foden

    We found an advert on findads and the scammers used Jetpets because Jetpets is an Australian company we fell for it.NOW we find that everyone. Including Jetpets. Knows of these scams as they are so well known and wide spread how come nothing is done to stop them. Should we all stop buying on the web.

    • pups4sale

      Andrew, we wait for the day when authorities such as Scamwatch will actually name and shame the sites that allow scams to be run on them. Until that day comes, we just have to do the best we can and warn people about those sites. Please help us spread the word in order to stop more people being scammed on such sites – every little bit helps!

  6. Alex

    I truly wish i had done my research a bit better, i paid $400 + trying to get a welsh corgi pup. But everytime i tried to get a number, the person i was talking to would say either ‘ive had surgery’ or ‘i have no phone’.
    The transaction was going smoothly, but i should have paid more attention to spelling errors and memory lapses of the sex of the pup.
    Then, out of nowhere ‘global delivery’ the people suppose to deliver the pup to my front door, sends me another email just after saying everything is all sorted, saying ‘pup shorts needed $1600’.
    I know i have been done, I just hope this doesnt happen to anyone else

    • pups4sale

      Hi Alex,
      This sort of thing makes us feel truly ill. I don’t know who is worse – the scammers or the site itself that deliberately allows such scams to run on their pages. The upside is you didn’t lose another $1,600, and it is a lesson you won’t soon forget.
      Thanks for letting us know about your experience, and we hope many people can benefit from you sharing it.

  7. Sonya

    I have dealt with so many scams on findads site in last month, after finding. Your site it all makes sense here are some of people to look out for Amy Guy, lary bus, roselind they all have just moved to remote locations when asked to view dog and send broken English emails. All have emails addresses eg:

    • pups4sale

      Hi Sonya,
      Yes, that site is full of scams. The alias Lary Bus is one that we saw last week too. Having said that they use thousands of gmail and yahoo accounts, along with thousands of aliases. Moving to different locations and poor English & grammar are also give aways. Keep vigilant and you will be right though.

  8. Lisa Barnes

    I have just experienced a person going by the name of Vanisa Rolan that is currently advertising two white purebred Pomeranians. She is advertising their location as Sydney, but when you contact her, she sends a massive sob story about how she bought the dogs for her daughter a few weeks ago and then they were involved in a car accident, where her daughter was killed… ( I can’t believe that they can make up stories like this!) and she was also injured in the accident and is no longer able to look after them. She says that she doesn’t want any money for them, but for you only to pay the transport fee…
    And, so we said, all good, we’ll take a trip and collect them. All of a sudden, she wasn’t in Sydney, but in Alice Springs! Apparently just having moved there.
    So, the transport fee was to be about $750. I’m so glad that I found this page, as I almost fell for the story, just to keep my mum happy as she is desperate for a baby pom. It’s absolutely disgusting that anyone could make up such horrible stories and play on people’s emotions the way that they do!
    I can only hope that Karma catches up to them one day very soon!

    • pups4sale

      Yes Lisa – an all too familiar story, I’m afraid. The scammers will do and say anything to steal your money from you. Glad you found our warning blog post about that site, with the best thing you can do for your Mum being to stay right away from it. Best wishes in your puppy search! 🙂

  9. Lindsey Jewell

    Scammers on the website Findads are alive and well with ALL adds for Old English Sheepdog puppies being a scam. It was fairly obvious right from the beginning. They had poor diction, had suddenly all moved to Darwin, told ridiculous stories and made multiple excuses why they couldn’t speak to you in person. They also had no idea about dog registration in Australia as well as many other things that just didn’t add up.. Shame on Findads website for being complicit it these ongoing scams. Just waiting now for the next bullshit email from an Audrey and David – hahaha

    • pups4sale

      …and not just Old English Sheepdogs, either. ALL their dog ads are fake, as is the case with every other un-moderated MFA site in Australia. Just stay well clear of them.

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