Fake cross breed ads – February 2016 Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame Update


Fake cross breed puppy ads are now occurring in addition to fake pure breed ads. – The latest trend in puppy scams is one we have been expecting for quite some time, and has now arrived in the Australian marketplace; fake cross-breed ads.

In this update to the Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame, and as we show in the accompanying video, we don’t expose a new site for allowing scams to be run on their pages. What we do is use an existing pirate’s lair that we have already exposed (in this case Cracker .com.au) and show how cross breed puppy ads are all of a sudden starting to pop up.

Thanks to the pressure pups4sale and others have been placing on the “business model” of the overseas criminal gangs behind most puppy scams in Australia, they have been forced to change tack. A lot of the pressure we have been able to bring to bear is due to the education process we have been heavily involved in via the Daily Dog, it’s distribution on Social Media, and our Scam Stopper page, which is a permanent feature on our site.

So, in order to keep their profit levels up in the increasingly aware marketplace that Australia has become, scammers have begun to test the waters with fake cross breed ads as well as fake pure breed ads. One of the people who recently enquired with us re a suspect cross bred ad on Cracker, generously shared with us the text of an email she received from the scammer behind the ad when she contacted them about it. The scammer said:

Hello , thanks for contacting me concerning my puppies, i still have both male and female available , i have one male and one female puppy , i am not selling my puppies, i am just looking for a home for them, so before i give you my puppies, i will like to ask some few question before i decided ok, so i will like to know if you will take very good care of the puppies?
i will also like to know if you have any pets at home?
do you have kid’s at home ?
are you interested in both or just one ? male or female ?
where are you located ?
do you have space where the puppies can play ?
do you work ?
are you married ?
if you have any pet at home can i see pics of them ?

i will be glad if you answer all this question so that i can be sure
that the puppies at going into a good home, thanks and waiting to hear
from you soon

Of course we were able to tell the enquirer that the boilerplate text above was typical of an amateur scammer, but what piqued our interest particularly was the fact it related to a cross breed ad. Following up the ad itself on Cracker, we were not surprised to find more duplicates of this ad on the site, given it is completely infested with fakes and the site administrators do nothing about it.

As we show in the video, the scammers are not changing their tactics in any other dimension; only towards cross breed ads  where the breeds concerned are quite popular. Clearly they are trying to target those people who are focussed on cross breed puppies and therefore may not be as aware as those people looking to buy a pure bred puppy. That is our take on it at pups4sale, but if any of our readers has further thoughts on why the scammers are showing a sudden interest in cross breed ads, we’d love to hear your comments below.

Of course if you see a suspect puppy ad on any site in Australia, feel free to contact us in admin and we’ll take a good hard look at it for you. 😉

8 Responses to “Fake cross breed ads – February 2016 Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame Update”

  1. Shiara Lennon

    Hi there I suspect this is a scam. this woman is trying to sell me her puppies.

    Susan Moriel Herves Marais
    Jan 15 (1 day ago)

    to me

    Thanks for contacting me regarding my puppies. I still have both
    of them available. I have one male and one female. They do well with
    kids and other animals. They are well socialized and also trained.
    They will come with pedigree and all papers. They are very interesting
    and love to play around with people. I am giving them out for adoption
    . All i need for them is just a loving and caring home where they will
    live forever. To choose the best home for these puppies , i will like
    to ask some few questions .

    Will you like to take both puppies or just one ?

    Do you have experience with pets ?

    Where are you located ?
    i am in in Alice springs can you pick up form here or will i send to you ?

    What is your phone number ?

    Do you have other pets at home presently ?

    When will you like to have the puppies ?

    Can you please tell me more about you and you family.

    Sorry for asking all this questions but i just need to know the kind
    of home which the puppies will be going into. i need the best for
    these puppies. I hope to get your response with the answers as soon as

    Susan Moriel Herves Marais
    Kind Regards

    • pups4sale

      Hi Shiara,
      Yep – a scammer alright. Just using the standard type of text we often see from them. Make sure you don’t respond to her any further under any circumstances too. What site did you see the fake ad on?

  2. martin

    hi, i’ve seen the notice about the puppies in this news paper
    it’s from Salta, Argentina and suddenly it appears a los of doggs as a gift.
    I really appreciate your information because they answer to my the same person

  3. Dan Gray

    She is also selling African Grey parrots in the United States. Busy woman

  4. Ray

    Nearly got scammed by this add last dec , wanted us to by western union for transport , we kept asking if we could organise transport but no just western union , did not take long to figure it out

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