Buyapuppy – December 2015 Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame Update



buyapuppy is a site loaded with fake puppy classifieds - beware.– As 2015 draws to a close, we have one final site to add to the ever growing list of sites featured on the Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame. In this month’s edition (December 2015) we feature buyapuppy, which has recently emerged onto the scene.

Like many sites of its kind, it draws unsuspecting puppy buyers in via cute puppy pictures and a slick design. However when one digs into the site, one discovers a very disturbing can of worms. As we say in the commentary on the video we have published on this site, we have discovered that it is not only overseas scammers who are placing their fake ads on buyapuppy, but amazingly, so are the site owners too! Through some determined sleuthing work, we have discovered the site owners are placing fake ads to make it look as if the site is more popular than it is! Not content to leave the site unmoderated and to allow the slimy overseas scammers to ply their trade on the site, the site owners are up to their neck in fake ads too!

Needless to say, buyapuppy has earned a well deserved membership in the Hall of Shame, which is of course located here.

Not only is it a good idea to spread the word about this particular site to your online friends, but also let them know about the full list of sites in the Australian online marketplace that are allowing scams to be run on their pages. By doing so you help to ensure less and less Australians become victims of overseas crims.

With 2016 just about upon us, today’s update to the Hall of Shame serves as a timely reminder that the scammers will never let up in their attempts to steal from Australians. Fortunately for the puppy buying and selling public in Australia, pups4sale will be just as vigilant in our efforts to expose those sites who (through commission or omission) allow scammers to infest their pages.

If you scroll through to the sites featured on the Hall of Shame and notice a site you believe to be hosting fake puppy ads is missing, please contact us and we’ll sniff it over. If it is hosting fake ads, you can bet we’ll put the bite on them unless and until they mend their ways.


2 Responses to “Buyapuppy – December 2015 Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame Update”

  1. Owner

    Who the hell do you think you are.
    How dare you post such a false and defaming lots of lies over our site.
    All ads that have been posted are to our knowledge and research are 100% genuine sellers. Additionally, as you have also falsely reported, all the ads AND the owners of this site are based in Australia, not overseas.

    • pups4sale

      Let’s break this down, statement by statement.
      1: Who are we?
      We are the people who warn Australians who are searching for a puppy about sites like yours – sites that are full of fake puppy ads.
      2: How dare we post false and defaming lies?
      We dare – and we are telling the truth, which you would realise if you had taken a moment to check out your advertisers properly. For instance, looking at your home page today, the very first two ads, one for a British Bulldog ($600) and one for a French Bulldog ($1,200) are so obviously fake that even a simpleton such as yourself should be able to detect it. For instance, we Googled the email address attached to the British Bulldog ad, which returns results from not only scam-enabling sites such as yours, but also others in different parts of the world. Additionally, ring the phone number the scammer listed when they registered with you – you know – a telephone – that ringy thing – use that, dial the number, and guess what you will find? Either it is not connected, or else it belongs to someone who knows nothing about the ad. Are you with us here, o brilliant one? Just a tiny little bit of effort on your part would go a long way towards protecting your site visitors.
      3: All the ads and the owners of this site are based in Australia.
      Again I say, do you seriously believe that? Check out the IP logs your site software or your server will generate. You will see that most of your ads originate in Cameroon. How do we know? Because we actually combat these scumbags every day, and we get to know the way the different syndicates work, the terminology they use – heck we even recognise individual scammers by the variations on particular username themes they use each time they try and register a fake account with us.
      If you are based in Australia, then you should be hanging your head in shame by not protecting your customers. As Superintendent Brian Hay of the Queensland Fraud squad rightly says: “Some sites have gone to considerable lengths, whereas others make little effort at all. Government regulation of the industry is inevitable. These sites are enablers. If they’re aware that their product is enabling the commission of a crime, I’m no lawyer but if they fail their customer then they’ve been negligent in preventing that from happening. If you provide a service, you have to protect your client.”
      Your site, Susan, is enabling the commission of a crime each and every day that you, by your slackness, allow scammers to place fake puppy ads on your site.
      So instead of whining and complaining over our warning Post about your site – CLEAN IT UP AND GET RID OF THE SCAMMERS! Protect your fellow Australians and you’ll be doing everyone a favour, including yourself.

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