Yourpetnetwork – Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame Update June 2014

Yourpetnetwork - yet another Australian classified site hosting puppy scams - the #DailyDog by #pups4sale
Yourpetnetwork – yet another Australian classified site hosting puppy scams

– Due to the sheer number of sites now hosting fake puppy ads in Australia, pups4sale regularly needs to update its puppy scams Hall of Shame, which lists and exposes such sites. Because it appears to be a battle without an end in site, the Daily Dog will now publish a monthly update of the Hall of Shame, listing existing sites we have exposed and the inevitable new sites we have found or been alerted to by the public and which wittingly or unwittingly allow scams to be run on them.

We also intend to highlight sites previously on the list that have actually stopped scammers operating on their pages and thus deserve recognition and removal from the list. Perhaps tellingly (and disappointingly however), not one site on the Hall of Shame has yet cleaned up its act enough to warrant removal from the list. Some sites (like the Trading Post) have publicly professed to be taking action against the scammers due to the public pressure the Hall of Shame has brought to bear, but in reality they have not stopped the scammers from operating on their pages. (The case in point of the Trading Post is featured here.)

In today’s update we add another site we have received more than one alert about: “yourpetnetwork”. Reviewing the site there are some legitimate ads, but indeed plenty of obviously fake ads too – including a copy of one featured in the Trading Post article above. Once again, any site administrator who was actually checking their ads and advertisers would tumble to the obviously fake nature of such ads if they were indeed checking them, and not just saying they were doing so. As discussed in today’s video, clearly such scrutiny is therefore not taking place at all; so shame on you, the people at yourpetnetwork!

Click here for the full list of The Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame as at June 2014.

As we have had no luck getting any of the listed sites to actually clean up their act, perhaps our readers will have more success! The Daily Dog would like to encourage all our readers to:

a) contact the above sites and shame them for their lack of monitoring of their advertisers.

b) share this and subsequent versions of the Hall of Shame on your Social Media networks, so that as many Australians as possible learn which classified sites just cannot be trusted in this Country.

If enough pressure is brought to bear by the dog-loving public, it may just be enough to get at least some of these sites to act in order to stop scams from being run on their pages. We can only hope!

Oh – and if you’re expecting Government authorities such as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC’s) Scamwatch division to do something about the above sites, don’t hold your breath. They talk a good game – including running a #FraudWeek campaign on Twitter this month. However the truth is they are all talk and no action, as we have shown on more than one occasion in the past. We have repeatedly contacted them in the previous 18 months, urging them to name and shame sites that refuse to stop scams being run on their pages. And the result of our attempts to get action out of that useless bunch of trough-snuffling bureaucrats – a canned answer some weeks later, telling us nothing and giving us no indication they had even bothered to read our communique. So if you do contact the sites in the above Hall of Shame, why not contact Scamwatch as well and urge them to get off their backsides instead of being parasitic bludgers on the public purse….and tell them pups4sale sent you. 😉

3 Responses to “Yourpetnetwork – Australian Puppy Scams Hall of Shame Update June 2014”

  1. Marilyn Streeting

    I sent a strong message to Scamwatch along with a shortened version of this email. Hopefully with enough voices sending concern to these so called Scam detectives, our small voices will be come a very loud scream at them to do something about this shameful business of puppy farming.

    • pups4sale

      Indeed Marilyn. Scamwatch are interested in making noise and thus maintaining their Federal funding. They are NOT interested in acting against the websites that allow scams to be run on them. If they were, from a canine perspective at least, much of the problem with scam ads in this Country could be solved overnight. Thanks for helping put the pressure on them – every bit helps!

  2. Nando

    Scamwatch need to stop being so toothless and prosecute these very ordinary individuals who con innocent people out of money. Please use your power scam watch to bring these fake scammers to justice. Let’s protect the victims instead of these pathetic con artists.

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