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It’s been a while since we updated our list of Australian sites that allow puppies for sale scams to be run on their pages. The time has come to do so however, as pups4sale has recently been alerted to (yet) another site running such scams  by a man who very nearly became a victim.

Jason of NSW writes:

“Hi Pups4sale how’s it going???I saw your youtube videos on scam stopper (thank you!!!). My name is Jason. I searched on google for male pomeranian pups and i found a seller on The ad says its in sydney but when i contact seller by email of course no phone number,she say she’s in darwin….
Any how the 3rd email just killed it lolz…I asked if she can take a picture of the
2 pom pups together & she said she needed to call a Photographer to take a picture of them…lol! How could I let other buyers beware of this scam?”


The current list of sites we have exposed and which allow such scams to run on them are displayed on this page for all to see and familiarise themselves with.


Like the Dutch Multinational known as Gumtree (which you may have mistakenly thought is Australian), is also based overseas; this time in Sweden. This site also facilitates unscrupulous overseas scammers in their never-ending quest to see unsuspecting Australians relieved of their hard-earned money.

We’ve already uploaded a number of videos to our YouTube Channel on how these scams are run. By clicking on the image in this blog post, you will be taken to the latest upload in this sorry tale of websites who do not care one-whit for their visitors.

Suffice it to say we strongly recommend you steer well clear of the sites mentioned here when thinking of buying not only a puppy, but anything else online as well – as their claims of consumer protection are simply worthless.

If you know of any other sites that facilitate such scams in Australia, let our readers know in the comments section below.

Of course, if in any doubt about the veracity or otherwise of any puppy ad on any site in Australia, feel free to contact us. Our family team will be only too glad to give the ad in question the once over to ensure your family doesn’t become a victim of such scams.

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  1. Janelle metcalf

    Watch out for a Morgan Fang try to scam people he has puppies of all sorts all over Australia an using african mail delivery

    • pups4sale

      Africa is one of the main locations for the scammers – Cameroon and Nigeria particularly. Western Union is the main way they have people send funds to them. We talk about it in this video: too.
      They use all sorts of western-sounding names too as part of their attempts to hide their true nationality. As always, vigilance and education is the key.

  2. Shirley

    I have just had the same scam from Morgan Fang and Mark Rolf who are selling Maltese puppies. It was only that my husband read the e.mail and the payment was to go in to account in Cameroon that made it suspicious I was about to pay. I have come across quite a lot on australialisted in all states for puppies. Not happy I don’t know who to trust now.

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  4. Kristy

    Ad says located in NSW. When I enquired they asked where I was located I said sydney then they said they were in Perth and they could arrange transport for the puppy for $400 and I would have to pay that up front and haven’t provided me with any further details or contact numbers / address. All email! I’m not so sure about you!!!

    • pups4sale

      Kristy, the team at pups4sale has received numerous emails, Facebook messages, etc over the last few days regarding ads on As we have advised on our YouTube video here:, it is difficult if not impossible to find a legitimate ad on that site. Stay away from it until they clean up their act, otherwise you are extremely likely to get scammed.

  5. scared

    ok i am really scared now i have just ask about a saint bernard pup are all the adds on this site fake and scams? and i have just inquired anout a saint on this site is this bad?

    • pups4sale

      Just because you have enquired doesn’t mean you have to be scared – just smart. Don’t reply to the scammer (yes, you can guarantee it is a scammer) if and when they email you. More information is here: on our YouTube Channel. We just had a quick look and all of the ads regarding animals we saw except one were definitely fake.

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  7. Joby O'Connor

    I have been looking for a basset hound puppy and came across the site. The person I contacted evaded all direct questions about the dogs and tried to push them onto me. They found a price to deliver interstate in half an hour at 9pm. Will not be contacting any further who do I report too?

    • pups4sale

      Joby, you can report the matter to the site owner. but usually you will either not get a response at all or if you do, you will just get directed to a page that tells you “buyer beware – here are some tips to protect yourself and after that you’re on your own”.
      You can report the matter to Police, but they usually (in our long experience) roll their eyes, and tell you to go away. They are simply not interested in investigating this sort of fraud – which is what it is.
      The best thing you can do by far is not even think about buying a “puppy” (or anything else for that matter) from a site that allows scams to be run on it – and to tell everyone you know to do the same.

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